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Davis Paige Jackson
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((I swear I can't stand that username, 14 year old random fangirl phase how you could betray me like that I thought we were friends--))

Aliases: Jack, Jacque, Jackson PJ, Prince.
Age: 17
Race: black
Gender: trans/femboy (she/he)
Religion: Buddhist
Orientation: Grey-Aromantic and Gynesexual
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So last night, I texted… an idea for a tragedy story of Five Nights at Freddy's in the spur of the moment. And judging from her reaction, it was pretty good (and by that I mean she cried a second Niagra Falls).

It's been published:………


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)

Many soldiers had went to bed that night with shaky legs. No amount of discipline and training could turn them into fearless beings. People had been injured that day if not killed and the abnormality of the attack did nothing to ease their anxiety. However, Felicia was unsettled for a different reason.

The blonde had just woken up from another nightmare; another flashback of the horrible past. This time, though, the memory took place long before her years in the training camp.

Felicia frustratedly clamped her hands over her ears as her father’s demanding voice pounded in her ears. It kept repeating the same words: "You’re the reason she’s dead…!"

"No!" Felicia growled as she turned onto her side and curled up pitifully "I’m not! I’m not!"

She repeated the mantra to herself in angry sobs, just quiet enough to not raise any suspicions from her neighboring dorms.

After some agonizingly long minutes, the blonde had finally exhausted all of her grief. Her father’s voice came to an end. Her breathing had returned to normal, leaving the dorm eerily silent. Felicia turned on her back and rested her arm on her forehead, her sweaty skin dampening her pillow and bedsheets.

"I’m not…" she repeated before adding on two more words to the mantra "...your daughter."

Those were her last words before she fell into a dreamless sleep. However, her speech continued in her slumber "You may have adopted me, but that doesn’t make you my father. Not in the slightest. I know who my real father is. I may have missed my chance to meet him, but his name will never escape me: Felix Kjellberg."


"Rough night, hun?"

Felicia lazily twirled her fork into her vegetables as her cheek rested in her other palm "You guessed it," was her response to the brunette girl.

Now included into their table, Crystal piped up "I’m pretty sure no one got a good night’s rest. It’s pretty rattling that our first encounter with the Pluses went the way it did. From what I heard, the Pluses had only been able to slip through tiny cracks in the Net before."

"Well, that’s what they said happened before Youtube was even created," said Marshall "Had we been there during that time period, we would know for ourselves if the claim is real or not."

"The only people who were here before any of us are the higher-ups," Kendall said, her brown eyes lowering to her tray of food in thought "We could ask the lieutenants."

On the last word, Felicia sprang up "Oh, Crystal, did Lieutenant Ariana tell you who you were a descendant of?"

The petite girl bit her lip as her fork made an awkward stroke across her plate "Ah...Cry. Cryaotic."

More distracted by the girl’s body language, Felicia replied with a distant "Really now…?"

Breaking the tension, Kendall said "I’ve heard of him. Well, at least the few things people know about him," she then furrowed her eyebrows as she uttered a thoughtful "Strange how someone could be so famous and still a mystery to everyone."

"Have you ever heard of The Great Gatsby?" inquired Marshall, not even looking up from his cup of water.

To this, Kendall replied with a simple "Nope."

Marshall shrugged "That’s a shame. The explanation is in the novel."

It was a genuine statement, but with the lack of energy in the honey-haired male’s voice, it sounded rather condescending in Kendall’s ears.

Suddenly, Felicia jumped from her seat with a bright smile on her face "Lieutenants! Over here!" she cheered, waving over her superiors.

When the two women addressed the blonde, Marceline chuckled at the girl’s enthusiasm as Ariana threw her an endearing smile in return.

Once they reached the table where the other four teenagers sat, Ariana was the first to speak "Eager to see your lieutenants first thing in the morning? Always a positive sign."

Marceline joked "Not too many people are all that happy to see their lieutenants," as she seated herself between Crystal and Marshall "Looks like you didn’t scare them off, Ariana."

Sitting between Felicia and Kendall, the brunette woman said "Says the woman who could bench press a Plus."

The Asian woman rolled her dark eyes "Don’t even talk about Pluses…"

"Agreed," said Kendall with a single nod of her head.

"Aw, don’t be like that," cooed Ariana as she glanced at the tired faces around the table "You have to admit that Pluses are pretty fascinating creatures."

Felicia squinted at the elder with a concerned "Lieutenant?" as Kendall simply uttered a confused "Hm?" Crystal blinked curiously at the woman in silence. Even Marshall looked up to spare the English woman a glance.

"I take back my statement about not scaring them off," said Marceline.

Not even slightly dampened by the reactions, Ariana went on "Just let me explain. Think about it. Like Viruses, Pluses are neither animal nor machine. When you kill one, they disappear into just a flurry of pixels that eventually evaporate into nothing. Since that’s the case, what’s keeping them alive? Why are they carnivorous if they clearly don’t need to eat? Why are the pluses on their chests--"

"I think you’re scaring Crystal over here," deadpanned Marceline, whose left hip made direct contact with the dark-haired girl’s shivering form.

Ariana sighed in defeat "If we could just get something, anything from the Pluses’ bodies, I could take it back to the lab for examination," she drummed her fingers on the edge of the table "Just something so I can understand this situation better."

The Asian woman across the table gave a sigh of her own as she reassuringly stroked Crystal’s arm "A brainiac’s mind never rests…" she said.

Kendall spoke up "It’s still a mighty impressive trait for a woman to carry."

Just then, Ariana’s brown eyes lit up "Oh! That’s right! I nearly forgot to tell you all!"

Again the other four teens were caught off-guard by the elder’s exuberant behavior, Marceline, again, remaining unfettered as she sipped casually from her tea cup.

"Marceline and I have very important news about Crystal," explained Ariana.

"Confidential news," added Marceline, keeping her face neutral to avoid looking secretive "So meet us in the office later on."

The rest of their breakfast went on casually as they were able to shift right back into normal conversation. Despite the secret hanging in the air and the anticipation of more of Ariana’s chipper attitude, the meal could actually be considered casual.

"It’s been so long since I’ve had a normal meal like this," thought Felicia "Talking and eating with people who care about me…"

The serene normalcy continued as the group conversed in the hallways, Felicia soaking up every minute of it. However, at all seemed to drain upon hearing these next words: "Do any of you remember Tabetha’s dorm number?"

That’s when she remembered.

Their squad was incomplete without Tabetha.

Crystal looked up at Felicia with worried eyes as the remainder of the group discussed who would go get her. The blonde gave her an understanding frown and a nod.

Apparently, Kendall had gone because when they entered the office, she was the only one who was absent. She wasn’t gone for long, though, for the door had opened itself again right after it had closed and brought the two brunette women inside.

Although Tabetha hadn’t made any gesture towards Felicia or Crystal that even addressed their presence, the two girls chose to sit as far away from her as possible.

"So, I’m sure Crystal has told you who she’s a descendant of," Ariana waited for the nods and hums of affirmation before continuing "Well there’s more to the story than that…"


"So, would you like to know what took that blood sample so long?"

"Y-You’re asking now of all times?"

"You did ask, Marceline."

"Yeah, but it could’ve waited until we were in a less...compromising position."

"Heh, I’d hardly call this "compromising". You seem to be enjoying this well…"

"Ah-h! J-Just fuckin’ tell me, alright?"

"Hehe, you’re so cute."


"Alright, okay. So...Crystal is the descendant of Cryaotic."

"Hah...But, but I thought his daughter was killed in that fire-e…"

"Oh, she was...mmf, but you forgot Cryaotic was a genius."

"C-Could you be less vague?"

"He’d been--move your leg a little--working on an android at the time of Crystal’s death...ohh, ngh...he put Crystal’s brain in the android so she could continue to live."

"Ugh, I doubt other couples’ pillow talk involves dead girls and brain transplants."

"We’re not other couples, love."


In the office, Ariana continued to explain "Cryaotic was somehow able to hack into Youtube’s files so that an edited version of Crystal’s entry letter would open once her blood sample was put into the database. In a way, her blood acted as a complex password, hence why P.L.A.Y. had such a hard time processing it," with a quick glance at Crystal, she said "I won’t disclose the details, but the letter informed us of Crystal’s circumstance."

When those last words left the brunette’s lips, there was a pregnant silence in the room. No eyes dared to wander in the petite girl’s direction as she nervously tugged at her blue shirt tail.

To break the tension, Marceline spoke up "Remember, this is highly confidential information. What we told you doesn’t leave this office," she ended that last statement with a firm tap of her heel on the hardwood floors "Do I make myself clear?"

An attentive "Yes, Lieutenant," rang from all five of the soldiers.

Marceline smiled slightly, his face relaxing "Good. Other than that, you aren’t required to make any adjustments for Crystal. Treat her as you would any other soldier here. She may be an android, but she is still designed to be as human as the rest of us."

Placing a reassuring hand on Crystal’s small shoulder, Felicia said "Not to worry, Lieutenant Marceline. We’ll take good care of Crystal."

Upon hearing those words, the girl in question grinned for the first time she entered the room as her anxiety seemed to wash away.


Youtube’s integration into Platinum Web was a difficult process. The goal for the military base was to ultimately place it somewhere that was most convenient for the soldiers’ combat and also respectful to the island’s inhabitants.

When it was built, Viruses only came from the southeast of the island, therefore Youtube was placed in the southeast coast of Platinum Web. Along with the military base, property and businesses to help the soldiers were also placed around Youtube. Businesses that supplied high grade food and technology were built. Some of the less financially fortunate also lived within this makeshift town, cut off from the rest of Platinum Web.

Right now, Felicia was passing through this town. The larger parts of her uniform such as her jacket and 4D maneuver gear were missing. Instead, she adorned a grey cloak over her bright pink Hollister T-shirt, trying her best to pass as an ordinary citizen and avoid any attention that would distract her from her goal.

The blonde earned a few glances as she walked down the street, but nothing more. She just wanted to return back to the military base before their downtime could be cut short.

"Where are you going off in such a hurry?"

"Don’t you have time to drop a hello on your best friends?"

Felicia’s breath rolled into a heavy stone and settled roughly in her gut upon hearing the two chiming voices.

When she turned around, India and Antonia were already closing the distance between themselves and her "H-Hey, guys…!" she said a little too enthusiastically "Haven’t been able to see you, lately."

With her hands casually pulled behind her head, Antonia snorted "Tell me about it! Weren’t you pissed that we weren’t put into the same division?"

Felicia sighed "Pretty much, especially after making such a point to stick together."

"Well, it’s not like we won’t be able to see one another ever again," piped up India "Like now, you’re using your break time to come visit us," in a joking manner, the bespectacled woman said "At least, I hope that’s what you were doing."

Felicia nervously laughed, then said "Of course! But, I’m afraid I forgot to take care of something back at the base. I’ll have to come back later."

India raised a curious brow "Oh? And what might that be?"

Felicia bit her lip as she took a few careful steps backwards "Ah, just, some files Lieutenant Marceline wanted me to deliver. She’d be pretty pissed to find out I, uh, y’know, forgot about them..."

Suddenly, Antonia gasped as her chocolate brown eyes popped in excitement "Is that a Gaming Orb?!"

Before Felicia could stiffen her arm up again to conceal the device beneath her clothes, the bolder of the brunette duo had flipped Felicia’s cloak open, revealing the smooth, silver orb in her arms.

India’s crystal blue orbs also widened in admiration "Hm? What are you doing with that?" she hummed with a smile playing on her lips.

"How did you even get the money for that? We hardly get any money that doesn’t go straight to the higher-ups," Antonia added on without giving Felicia space to answer India’s question.

"Oh, I, uh, still had some left over from when I was in Brennenburg," the blonde then swallowed "Actually, I was told to bring this in by Lieutenant Marceline."

"You said she just wanted to to transport some files," stated India, quick as a whip.

Felicia bit her lip as she felt anxiety creep up on her "I mean, well, the files are actually about the Orbs. Y’know, we need as much technology as possible for our weapons and defenses."

Without changing her matter-of-fact attitude, India replied with a "Hm, I never heard anything about that."

Felicia forced another awkward laugh "I-I guess I’m the first to know, heh," there was an awkward pause when her chuckle was met with silent stares from the two brunettes "Anyway, I should hurry up. Like I said, Lieutenant Marceline doesn’t take any slack!" She began speed-walking away before breaking out into a modest jog. India and Antonia watched the girl’s retreating figure until she was just a dot in the distance.

"You’re so ignorant," chided India as her hand landed a harsh slap on Antonia’s shoulder.

The other cried out in pain and shot a glare at the bespectacled woman "The hell was that for?!"

Still with a cold distance gaze in her icy eyes, India said "You almost gave away our positions. Any further into the topic and Felicia may have noticed that we’re not in her squad with the other descendants."

Unable to cover up for her mistake, the darker haired girl simply scowled at herself.

"Did you see her talisman?" questioned India, still avoiding contact with the other woman.

Antonia nodded "Yeah. Apparently she did find the note from Felix."

India licked her lips "And now that she’s got that Orb, this should make things a lot more interesting," her fingers found their way up to the turtle neck of her white sweater. There, a magenta choker necklace was revealed beneath the fabric, displaying a pair of arrows just above her collarbone.

Attack on Google+ (7)

A fair warning; as the story progresses, it might get a little more racy and I’m not just talking about sexual content. NSFW content in general may turn this from T (13+) to T+ (16+). So remember, watch out for the faint of heart and protect the kids!

[also beware of implied/ambiguous ships I mean what no-]

Chapter 6: <da:thumb id="511385558">


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