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Dmitri Paige Jackson
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
((I swear I can't stand that username, 14 year old random fangirl phase how you could betray me like that I thought we were friends--))

Name: Dmitri Paige Jackson
Aliases: Demi, Jack, Jacque, Jackson PJ, Prince.
Age: 18
Birthday: Oct. 1st
Western Zodiac: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Jung Personality Type: INFJ
Race: black
Gender: Genderfluid
Religion: Buddhist
Orientation: Grey-Aromantic & Femmesexual
Occupation: high-school student, aspiring author, part-time artist.
Personality: eccentric, flamboyant, sassy, shy, awkward, analytical, optimistic, imaginative.
Likes: music, food, malls, parties, anime/manga, pop culture, video games, pastel colors, books, babies, cats, biking, rollerskating.
Dislikes: pessimism, dirty work, nature, uptightness, hospitals, politics, police.
The Prince's Favorites

Anime: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Kuroshitsuji, Kill la Kill, Sekirei, Hetalia, Getsumen To Heiki Mina, Love Stage!, Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Cartoons: Steven Universe, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Gravity Falls, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Winx Club (before Nickelodeon).

TV Shows: Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious, Wizards of Waverly Place, Scandal, If Loving You Is Wrong, Happy Endings, Ru Paul's Drag Race, Noah's Arc, How to Be A Grown Up, The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Movies: Coraline, Inisidious, The Devil Wears Prada, Rise of the Guardians, Mama, Alice in Wonderland (2012), Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom, anything with Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson in it.

Books: The Great Gatsby, Kindred, Everlost, To Kill a Mockingbird, Goosebumps, Native Son, The Sitter, Niner, Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Slayer.

Manga: Kampfer, Oyasumi Pun-Pun, Doujinshi I mean what.

Games/Visual Novels: DRAMAtical Murder, Catherine, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Mogeko's Castle, The Gray Garden, Five (Yiffing) Nights at Freddy's, Coraline (Nintendo), Winx Club: Mission Enchantix, Kim Possible, Silent Hill, The Evil Within, Outlast, HetaOni and other Hetalia games.

Female Artists: Tinashe, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Jessie J, Lindsey Stirling, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse, Ke$ha, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Selena Gomez, Fergie, CL.

Nonbinary Artists: Miley Cyrus, Angel Haze, Jeffree Star, Ru Paul.

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Groups: Black Eyed Peas, Earth Wind & Fire, 2NE1, Girls Generation, Wa$$up, Super Junior, Big Bang, SHINee, U-KISS, Nu'Est, Block B, SID, The Gazette, Nirvana, Fall Out Boy, AutoPilot Off, Maroon 5, The Wanted, 3oh!3, LMFAO, Daft Punk, Nightcore, Cascada, Pentatonix.

Youtubers: Kyookun, POiiSED, JonTron, Smosh, Yamimash, Vsauce, Dan & Phil, 8-bit Gamers, Game Grumps, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, JackSepticEye.

Idols: Criss Angel, Edd Gould, Dr. Phil, Ellen Degeneres, Bill Nye, Steven Hawking, Vsauce, Jeffree Star, Ru Paul, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj.
Hello universe! As many of you have assumed, yes, I have gone back to school. Luckily, I'm proud to say I am currently a senior, meaning I will be graduating this year and turning 18! I'm very much excited about these upcoming events, mostly because it means I'll be one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming an author. Since science and math have always been my strongest subjects, my mother and I have both agreed that I can infuse that in my sci-fi and fantasy stories! Speaking of which, here's the part you've all been waiting for:
  • I will be working on more fanfiction and original stories involving LGBTQ+ and people of color rights.
  • I will be working on more fem!Youtuber stories involving general Let's Players such as Pewdiepie and Smosh, since I've already been focusing on a lot of Dame Grumps stories lately.
  • More art for my stories will be uploaded so you can all have a better understanding of it.
  • I still can't stay on dA for too long without all of the ads crashing my internet. So sorry if I don't see your comments/replies! :c
And now for the special message: As most of you know, unfortunately, dA and other websites that revolve around fandoms are often faced with a negative stigma. Most people like to insult "fangirls" for writing fanfiction and having ships/OTPs, and it's only gotten worse ever since famous internet icons like CinnamonToastKen began berating these "fangirls". Well, I'm here to tell you all something.
You are not just some "fangirl" (hell, I know most of you aren't even girls) you're an artist. You became inspired by what you loved and created something beautiful in your eyes. Just because you're not as skilled of an artist/writer as others doesn't mean you should quit. That's your creative outlet. And do you realize how many people have actually profited and built a career on their fanart/fanfictions? What you're doing is legitimate artist's work! Yes, there are a few creepy older adults on these websites who call themselves "fans" when they're really just fetishists. And yes, it's a shame that people would associate what those guys do with your work. But don't let that get you down. As a mentor of mine once said, have faith in yourself and in your progress. Your dreams are valid!
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  • Listening to: CL
  • Watching: Haikyuu!!
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"If I were to describe how that morning went in one word, I’d say: "Disastrous"…"

Erin landed on her feet in a crouching position. Sam followed in a less than graceful manner, wincing in pain from the rough contact his body made with the road. Marceline skidded backwards on her feet, her shoes making an angry scraping noise against the black street.

"Make sure this Bug doesn’t get near the people!" the raven-haired Fleur barked at her two comrades.

Before them, a large creature resembling a slug cast a shadow over the three youths. Its gelatinous body was a vibrant hue of indigo and its nearly transparent skin shed layers of rouge slime wherever it made contact with a dry surface. It twitched and jerked lethargically as Dani struck it with her spear, glimmers of stars darting across the air as it sliced the thick flesh of the beast.

Dani would leap off of the creature's body whenever its guard was down to keep herself near its head. However, she slipped once when one of the slug’s eye stalks struck her with a harsh force. She was thrown back much farther than her teammates and crashed into the side of a store with a spine-tingling crack.

"Dani…!" Sam couldn’t help but cry out helplessly.

Erin and Marceline had also caught sight of the incident, but didn’t linger too long. Whenever one of them went down, they had learned to never let that distract them from the enemy and risk worsening the situation. That was something they would have to teach Sam soon.

Marceline’s threw an icy gaze at the slug "Erin, pull him in," she demanded in a hard voice.

The brunette had grown accustomed to her teammates’ vague orders and followed without question. She tossed her whip at the slug, the rope wrapping tightly around it numerous times before she gave a harsh yank. Once it was pulled forward, Marceline summoned her brass knuckles once again and gave the beast one final blow. The beast flew back into the forest where it had originally come from, the sheer force creating a powerful wind to bend the trees that lined The Mall’s street.

Sam stared with wide eyes. This wasn’t the first time he had seen the power of Marceline’s brass knuckles, but it was the first time he has ever seen a mission turn out the way it did.

"Guys!" he squeaked, jumping to his feet "You didn’t kill it. You just launched it back into the forest where we started!"

Taking away her brass knuckles with a single clap, Marceline said "Which means it’s away from the people."

"But it’s still alive," Sam pressed "We didn’t kill it or get the Bad Seed."

Casually crossing her arms behind her head, Erin said "Hey, that’s a problem for the future."

Sam couldn’t help but groan as the two Fleurs walked past him without a care.

"...When I came home from The Velvet Haven, the treehouse was infested by "Blueberry Slugs" (I’m still not quite sure if that’s their technical name or a nickname the Fleurs coined in). Thankfully, they were pretty small. Rather than being the size of a school bus like the one we encountered in The Mall, they were about cat sized. That didn’t lessen my surprise any more, though. By the time I got home, the Fleurs were in the middle of killing them all. Marceline mentioned that seeing so many "baby slugs" meant that there had to be a mother somewhere…"

Dani groaned, holding her hand over her nose and mouth.

"Are you hurt?" asked Sam, his worry causing his voice to shake.

The blue Fleur leaned against the wall of a building where she had crashed. There was a slight indent in the wall where her back hit it, cracked stone chipping away and falling on her pale shoulders. Sam was certainly glad that Dani had survived, but he was sure she had sustained a major injury of some sort from the impact.

"No," she said.

"How’s your Fleur bud?" Marceline asked as she slightly lifted up Dani’s shirt to inspect the marking on her navel.

Dani instinctively shooed away the intrusive hand "It’s fine. I’m fine," she said, defensively "I’ve just got a bit of a nosebleed from when that eye stalk hit me."

Sam gasped when Dani pulled away her hand. A scrawny line of black trailed from her thin nose. However, dark flower petals seemed to stick to the line of moisture, as if hastily plastered there by someone.

"Eww…" Erin teased, scrunching up her nose in disgust.

Marceline, on the contrary, seemed to smile in relief "At least you were hit in the face and not your Fleur bud."

Finally, after watching in utter disbelief, Sam choked out a response "H-How?" he sputtered "How are you not dead?!"

As Marceline guided Dani up to her feet, Erin openly laughed at her brother’s question "Dead?" she repeated "What makes you think she’d die from a little fall?"

The ink-haired man’s jaw dropped open "A little fall?! She flew from all the way over there and hit a stone wall!" he exclaimed as he pointed towards the spot where the slug had last stood.

"Eh, I’ve been through worse," said Dani, nonchalantly flicking a stray curl from her face.

"And why is your blood like that?!" At this point, Sam’s attention was being pulled by too many factors to focus on just one of his questions.

Dani curiously dabbed her finger on her upper lip where the blood had fallen, moist flower petals sticking to her finger tip "Like what?"

"Don’t humans bleed a different way?" Erin asked the curly-haired Fleur, casually pulling them into their own conversation.

Dani snorted "You act like I’ve seen a human’s blood before."

Having sat silently long enough, Marceline decided to speak up "A Fleur’s body is much different from a human’s, Sam," she explained "Our Fleur buds are the center of our being; meaning our physical bodies are practically flowers on their own," she then nodded at Dani’s face "A Fleur’s flesh contains her flower petals. That’s why Dani bleeds Delphinium."

Sam gulped at the new information as he digested it, wondering just what it was like to have flower petals coursing through his veins. His hand absentmindedly clutched his stomach, trying to imagine the organs inside as plant matter. He imagined that it would hurt, but quickly banished that thought with a voice of reason telling him "If that were the case, you’d see Dani and the others in constant pain."

Erin whistled "You really did a number on this wall, Dani," she commented, squatting down to look at the human-sized dent in the white concrete.

The curly-haired woman nervously rubbed the back of her neck in response "We’d better get out of here before someone tries to sue us," she muttered, already backing away from the scene.

Marceline, her mind on a completely different topic, said "We should retrace our steps to make sure no one got hurt in the fight."

Sam felt his throat tighten at the thought, forcing him to tug at his already loose collar "But we saw everyone run inside somewhere," he said, reassuring himself more than Marceline "And the slug was too slow to really do any damage out of our control."

"It still doesn’t hurt to check," the pink Fleur insisted "Come on, girls--ah, everybody. It will only take a moment."

The others followed Marceline’s instructions and split into separate directions.

"...It was in that moment that I came to an epiphany: the people I care about could actually get hurt by this side of my lifestyle. It never occurred to me since the monsters had never appeared on Earth before, let alone Mistford. But as I was checking the streets and peeking into windows, I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if those people got caught in that fight. What if they didn’t escape in time? What if we didn’t stop the monster in time? What if they didn’t make it? I gave myself a headache with these worries and I had to dump them on Marceline when we all met up again. Her answer was simple, but reassuring…"

"Remember what I told you about trusting us, Sam," Marceline’s tone reminded Sam vaguely of a mother. He had begun to notice Erin and Dani’s voices reaching that point occasionally when they spoke to him. He couldn’t quite place his feelings on these positions of roles "When we were sent to protect you, that included the people and the city you care about."

He and the other Fleurs stood on the sidewalk. Much time had passed since that early afternoon when the slug had first attacked. The sun had settled into into a comfortable spot on the blue sky. People had come out of their shops and began to continue their daily lives.

Sam sighed through his nose, trying not to make the relief too evident on his face. He was already aware of the impression he had made on the Fleurs with his recent panicked and nervous behavior "Thank you, guys."

"Hey, no need to thank us," chimed in Dani "It’s our job."

"Yeah, buddy, all in a day’s work," added Erin with a casual flip of her orange bang. A smirk then played on her lips as her mischievous copper eyes roamed over to a store just over Sam’s shoulder "But, that doesn’t exactly mean this work is for free," she hummed.

"Erin?" posed Marceline.

The brunette flicked her eyes over at the shorter Fleur "I’d say that a hard day’s work deserves a little treat, amiright gals?" She then walked over to Sam and turned him around to lead him towards the building she had her eyes on.

Once the brother-Fleur got closer to the building, he caught sight of the bright neon sign above reading "Sugar & Ice". He instantly recognized it as the family ice cream parlor he had frequented whenever Holland wasn’t working. He would love to visit once again, but after the recent incident, Sam would love nothing more than to go home and rest his sore muscles.

"We don’t even know if they’re open," he said.

"Dude, we took care of the blueberry slug over an hour ago and we already checked up on everyone," rationalized Dani, motioning around the pedestrians casually roaming the streets "They’re all fine."

"And I’m pretty sure that sign says "OPEN"," added Erin as she pointed towards the parlor’s window, which did, indeed, display an "OPEN" sign.

Sam flatly responded "Fleur’s don’t have to eat," something he found himself saying more and more often.

With an obnoxious groan, Erin pleaded "C’mon Sam, Dani didn’t get smacked into a wall for nothing."

"Hey!" scolded the blue Fleur in question, her cheeks darkening in embarrassment.

"They do have great green tea ice cream."

Sam nearly flinched at the sound of Marceline’s voice, unaware of when the woman had appeared at his side.

"That’s three out of four votes," declared Dani, who then strutted over to the parlor door to open it for the others "The choice is clear."

Sam was left with a fumbling argument as he watched the Fleurs enter the ice cream parlor. Instead of walking in, herself, Dani simply gave Sam an encouraging grin.

Feeling the pressure getting the better of him, Sam sighed and walked in with a muttered "Okay, okay…"

The ice cream parlor was nothing grand, but was definitely kind to the eyes. The small space contained eight blue circular tables, each weilding four chairs. The white tiled floord reflected the lights from the flower-shaped ceiling lamps above. On one side of the pink walls was a vending machine with sweet beverages ranging from milk to fruit smoothies while the other held a case of various cakes and pastries. On the far side of the parlor was a glass counter stretching from one side of the parlor to the other, only being interrupted by a door in which employees entered through. Inside the counter was a large array of ice creams, each with dents from usage.

Behind the counter was a woman, whom Erin and Marceline were making small talk with. She was a young woman around the same age group as Sam. She had cocoa brown hair cut into a cute boy style with a red flower pin that matched her red T-shirt. A pair of dimples blossomed on her cheeks as she smiled at the Fleurs before her. Halfway through speaking, the woman’s friendly eyes caught a hold of Sam, causing her to stop "Oh, Sam! I didn’t even see you at first," she then looked between Sam, Marceline and Dani "Are these your sisters?"

Before Sam could answer, Erin snorted "Nope, just me!"

"Half-sister," Sam corrected "Dani and Marceline are our friends. They’re new to town."

The young woman smiled with a generous nod "Well it’s nice to meet you three," she said "I hope Mistford is treating you well--" she then chuckled "Well, it’s a little ironic to say that considering what just happened."

"Oh yeah," said Sam, feeling a bit more tired at the reminder "How’s your dad doing? I didn’t see him when I came in to check--" Immediately, the young man shut his mouth, not wanting to reveal any information about the Fleurs.

However, the girl didn't notice. Instead, she leaned on the counter with a sigh "Yeah, he left as soon as the attack was over to go check on that thing," she said "You know how he is about paranormal stuff."

"But you guys are okay?" pressed Sam.

"Of course, albeit a little spooked," said the girl "I’m used to the usual supernatural things that happen in Mistford, but a giant slug? Geez," she then glanced over at the Fleurs "That’s something you girls will have to get used to, living in Mistford. You don’t mind the occasional gnome or fae sighting, right?"

Marceline snickered "Oh trust me, we’ve seen worse."

"...A lot of places around the world claim to have supernatural activity, or, at the very least, rumors about it. However, here in Mistford, it’s not uncommon to pick up a newspaper and read about a late night pixie sighting. Usually, paranormal activity in movies is portrayed as murderous ghosts or demons with a vengeance. But Mistford is quick to tell you just the opposite. Whatever weird critters people claim to see running around here, they’re not harmful. Hard to find, yes, but not harmful. As a result, people of Mistford are pretty unbiased about paranormal creatures and know how to handle the unpredictable. Sure, there are a few spectators (enough so that the law doesn’t get involved), but it’s pretty much common knowledge and a part of our culture…"

The four Fleurs sat at a table and dined on their ice cream as the girl from earlier busied herself organizing the back of the counter.

"If you guys are going to be buying food, I’m not going to pay for it every time," said Sam, smiling around his spoon despite his sour statement.

"What? Do you expect us to get jobs?" questioned Erin.

"Fighting Bugs and Weeds is a job on its own," said Dani, stirring around her ice cream.

"I wouldn’t mind a little extra work if it meant I got to eat this whenever I wanted to," said Marceline, her normally dark eyes twinkling subtly at the bowl of green tea ice cream before her.

The girl behind the counter chuckled "I wouldn’t mind a hand or two back here," she said, leaning over the counter "It gets a little lonely here. Besides, it’d be nice to have another girl to talk to instead of my dad."

"Is that what you say to the customers when I’m gone? I’m wounded, Mathilda!"

Immediately, all five youths turned to look at the middle-aged man standing in the door. Although he had a youthful face and a skinny build, the specks of grey in his chocolate brown hair told another story. He wore a videogame themed T-shirt underneath his ironically sober black petticoat and a pair of dark grey jeans on his skinny legs. In one hand was a large suitcase while the other was occupied by a digital camera.

The girl in question blushed madly and planted her face on the glass counter with a groan "Dad…"

Still surprised, Sam muttered "M-Mr. Patrick?"

The pleasantly grinning man looked at Sam and gave a friendly wave "Hey Sam," he greeted "I see you’ve brought a few friends with you, but no Holland? That’s a shocker."

As he walked towards the counter, Sam explained "Uh, he’s still at work. I just decided to bring my sister and her friends."

"Well it’s nice to meet you, ladies," said Mr. Patrick, opening the counter’s door and stepping inside "And I assume you’re Sam’s sister?" He asked this inclining his head in Marceline’s direction.

With Marceline’s mouth preoccupied with a large spoonful of ice cream, Erin answered "It’s me."

Mr. Patrick looked between Erin and Sam with unapologetic confusion in his curious eyes. He then chuckled "Ah, genetics never fails to amuse me," he said.

Ignoring the small talk, Sam spoke up again, "Uh, Mr. Patrick, where were you just now?"

Mathilda lifted her head up with fear in her eyes, as if to say "Uh-oh…" without actually opening her mouth.

On the contrary, Mr. Patrick’s eyes lit up "I’m glad you asked," he then lifted his suitcase and planted it on the counter "I don’t know if you could tell since you live off in that forest, but recently, this mutant slug came through The Mall."

"We were here for that," said Dani, licking some chocolate ice cream off of her lip "Sam was just asking if you guys were okay."

"Ha! Better than okay!" Mr. Patrick heartily laughed as he gave the suitcase a prideful pat "After it was safe to leave, I retraced the steps where I assumed the slug went and collected as much evidence as possible. Some mucus samples, pictures of the trail it left, some grass clippings it walked over..." he gave a satisfied sigh as if to ease his excitement.

Sam glanced over at the Fleurs to see their reaction. Much to his surprise, all three seemed to lack genuine interest. Erin and Dani paid attention for the sake of being polite. Marceline still seemed more entranced by the ice cream before her. However, Sam was curious "What if that evidence could help us kill it?" he wondered.

"So, uh, what do you plan on doing with the evidence exactly?" he asked.

"Ohh, you want to see it, don’t you?" asked Mr. Patrick, flattery evident in his tone.

"Dad, no one wants to see grass clippings…"

Ignoring the brunette’s statement, Mr. Patrick continued "But, I can't do that. All of my evidence is uploaded to my website."

"You have a website?" questioned Sam.

"But of course!" confirmed Mr. Patrick, almost in surprise "Haven’t you heard of"

The name seemed familiar to Sam, but he couldn’t quite recall an exact image of the website. He sheepishly shook his head.

"Don’t worry Sam," chimed in Mathilda, her arms crossed before her chest confidently "Nobody’s heard of that website."

In response, Mr. Patrick gasped dramatically, his brows furrowed in offense as he stared at the girl. It was easy to tell by his daughter’s lack of a reaction that she was quite used to his melodramatic behavior.

"Well missy, I’m sure you’d be pretty surprised by the amount of hits the site gets everyday," he said, puffing his chest out in pride ever so slightly.

Mathilda rolled her eyes "Tch, yeah, probably from other sci-fi junkies," she snorted.

In equal sarcasm, Mr. Patrick stated "Well, it’s a bit hard not to be a so-called "sci-fi junkie" when you live in the fantastic city of Mistford. In fact--" Just then, the proud father was cut off by the abrupt sound of the door swinging open in one swift motion, the bells singing clumsily in response. Everyone’s breath was held as they took in the sight of the figure that stood at the door.

Striding up to the counter was a man, possibly in his thirties. Although he was not large nor muscular, his presence was still intimidating. His sandy brown hair was damp with sweat, which already made him look even more angry than he was. His jaw was set tight and his earth brown eyes stared over the sunglasses perched on his nose.

Even though he only allowed the five young adults a mere few seconds to take in how menacing he was, Mr. Patrick didn’t seem to have the same reaction.

"Hello, sir, welcome t--"

"I saw you around my shop," the man interrupted in a sharp tone.

Mr. Patrick blinked, seemingly confused, and answered "Come again?"

"The thrift shop down the street. I just saw you there," insisted the man, his voice still accusatory but straining to contain his true temper "What were you doing around there?"

As the conversation went on, Mathilda watched her father with a warning gaze, as if she were a doting mother watching as her child was being accused of misbehaving. Sam and the others tried to politely ignore the conversation, turning back around in their chairs so that they were facing one another again, but once Sam couldn’t keep his eyes to himself, the other Fleurs began to follow his gaze.

"Oh!" Mr. Patrick said, his eyes popping in realization "That thrift shop? Yeah, I was just there collecting some mucus samples."

At this point, Mathilda dropped her face in her hands, her cheeks outmatching her shirt in redness.

The man raised a curious brow "Mucus samples?" he repeated in slight disgust.

Mr. Patrick nodded, a grin still evident on his face "Yeah! From the mutant slug that passed by. Were you here when that happened?"

"No, but I keep hearing about it and--" the man shook his head as he stopped himself from rattling, muttering something about "damned mythical creatures" before he continued with the topic at hand "Were you the one who made the dent in my wall?"

Before anyone could even take a second to digest what the man had asked, Erin teased "Ooh, Dani…" with a lilt in her voice.

The woman in question flinched and angrily shooshed the brunette "Erin…!" she growled.

But it was too late; the man’s attention was already caught. His earth brown eyes roamed over to the table of young adults "You know who did it?" he drawled.

Immediately, Dani started fumbling a defense "No, no, no, not at all! We weren’t even around when it happened, I mean, we wouldn’t have known--"

"It was an accident," Marceline cut in, smoothly patting Dani’s shoulder to silence her.

"Marceline--?" gulped the blue Fleur in a low voice.

To this, the Asian Fleur stated "We have to take responsibilities for our battles, even if we don’t want to."

"Battles?" the man blurted out "What? You brats got into a street fight or somethin’?"

Erin cocked a brow "Uh, no, we were fighting off that blueberry slug from earlier, and I don’t exactly appreciate being called a brat, ya bra--"

"Guys…!" Sam hissed, standing up from his chair. He stopped himself, though. The young man was about to say "We can’t tell people about this Fleur business." The sentence was on the very tip of his tongue, but he caught it just before it slipped, realizing that it wouldn’t make much sense to make such a claim in public where people could hear. So he stood there, biting his lip in mortified silence as everything spiralled out of his control.

In the same moment, the man asked "Wha’d’ya mean you were fighting that slug?" while Mr. Patrick nearly exclaimed "You fought the slug?!"

"Well, we didn’t kill it," admitted Dani, who noticed Mr. Patrick’s look of despair brightened into a smile once she made that statement.

"What were you guys doing fighting a...a mutant slug?" questioned the man, his eyes squinting further and further with each word, as if he couldn't admit the question he was asking.

"Well you see, it’s our job," simply stated Marceline "We are the Fleur Girls. We’re supposed to protect this town from monsters."

Sam’s heart nearly stopped. He couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. He thought that he would have been able to put his faith in Marceline, who took natural leadership over the trio, to keep their Fleur identities from leaking. But she had just done the opposite. Sam had just watched Marceline look straight into a stranger’s eye and tell him that she was a magical girl. With baited breath, he looked at the sandy-haired man, anticipating his reaction, watching for any signs of shock or fear.

The man snorted "Tch, well "flower girls" or not, I’ve lived in Mistford all my life and never have I seen a creature any more dangerous than an elf."

Erin hissed sheepishly, looking off to the side "Yeah...that might be because we left our telepad on…" when no one responded, she finished "So some blueberry slugs crawled into the human world."

All at once, Mathilda, Sam, the man and Mr. Patrick exclaimed "What?!"

"Hey, hey, we killed all the baby slugs," reassured Erin, waving her hands defensively as if to ward off the offensively wide-eyed glares pointed her way.

"It’s the mother we have to worry about," said Marceline.

Sam rested his face in his palm, wallowing in utter defeat "Which we should have killed."

"Hey, that thing is a problem for later," said Erin, earning a bitter frown from the brother-Fleur.

Just as the brunette finished that statement, the sound of a car alarm blared from outside, accompanied by a large commotion. As everyone looked outside, the large windows displayed several civilians rushing to get indoors and off of the streets.

"I guess "later" would be now."


The three Fleurs dashed down the street, their weapons armed and ready. Sam proceeded to tag behind them with worry weighing his footsteps, partially because the hurried situation gave him no time to pick up a possible weapon to defend himself, and also partially because Mr. Patrick and the man had followed behind. In all of the haste, Sam couldn’t even process whether or not it was appropriate to question why they had decided to follow. Although, the eager glint in Mr. Patrick’s eyes as he held his camera close to his heart gave Sam enough evidence to infer.


The length of Dani’s star spear stretched out before Sam’s chest, stopping him before he could blindly run into the slug. They were only two yards away from the beast, whom Erin and Marceline had already taken to torturing. Erin would strike the slug with her whip, occasionally leaving painful charred black stripes across its body or wrapping it tight in the rope and pulling it down to the ground. However, it was Marceline’s blows from her brass-knuckled fists that seemed to have the hardest effect on the slug, rouge bruises popping up and slime bleeding from its broken gelatinous flesh.

Sam looked up at Dani, still panting from the run and adrenaline. The curly-haired Fleur asked "What do you have to defend yourself?"

Sam licked his lips and answered "Nothing, but--"

"Sam, it’s too dangerous to try to fight unarmed," sighed Dani, her dark brows furrowed in authority "Even if it’s just that baseball bat, you need something to fight with."

"I lost my baseball bat this morning," said Sam "Don’t you remember?"

Dani raised a brow "Lost it? Where? How?"

Sam pointed at the slug and Dani’s gaze followed. It didn’t take long for her brown eyes to catch sight of the wooden baseball bat lodged deep inside the slightly transparent body of the slug, bouncing and bobbing gently with the movement of the slug.

Dani hissed "Dammit…" under her breath and pushed Sam behind with her spear "You’ll have to sit this one out Sam. Stay at a safe distance," without another second, the Fleur leaped into action and joined her other two comrades in the assault, striking hard into the creature's body.

Following Dani’s orders, Sam began to take a few steps back before turning around fully and walk further away. However, he was halted by Mr. Patrick, who stood just as dangerously close to the fight as he and Dani had just moments ago. The middle-aged man was too focused on capturing photos of the scene to noticed Sam’s mortified face right before him.

"Mr. Patrick! We have to get out of here!"

As if the younger male hadn’t spoken, Mr. Patrick beamed "Sam, you didn’t tell me that you brought magical girls to Mistford!"

At that, the pale man’s eyes grew wide with fear. Of all the people to find out this secret, a supernatural-enthusiast such as Mr. Patrick was the last person he wanted to find out.

"No, no! That’s not it! They’re not--"

"And you fight alongside with them, too, no less? Does that make you a magical boy?" probed the brunette, his attention now more fixated on Sam than the slug "Do you have powers? Can you summon weapons like them? Can you jump as high as them?"

Anxiety itched at the back of Sam’s neck. He felt himself slipping further and further into a problem he had intended to avoid. He searched hopelessly in his mind for a way to get himself out of trouble "Mr. Patrick, please, just listen," Sam said, putting his hands up defensively "I can explain…"

As if there wasn’t enough weighing on the young male’s shoulders, suddenly, the sandy-haired man from earlier stepped up after hearing enough of the conversation.

"You’re the reason this is happening?" the man accused, pointing an accusatory digit at Sam, who immediately took a step back.


"You brought these chicks here to Mistford so they could bring all these monsters along with them?!" chided the man.

"Yes, I mean, not really, I mean, we just, we…" Sam continued to fumble as he stepped back. With each step he took back, the man took another one towards him. This continued for a while as Sam never felt that there was a comfortable amount of space between them.

The man snorted "You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me. All you paranormal asshats wanna do is find your mythological creatures. You don’t give a damn about what effect it has on the people who live here," he huffed, adjusting his sunglasses as if they would fall off "Well I’ve got news for you people. You can all just fuck off! You don’t deserve to call this place home if you can’t respect it!"

Suddenly, in the heat of the man’s rant, Erin dropped down between Sam and the man, looking straight into the man’s wide eyes with her venomous gaze "Hey!" she barked "If anyone’s an asshat, it’s you!"

Without Erin tending to the slug, the beast now had more freedom to attack. Just as the tail began to whip around, Marceline caught it between her fists and popped it like a grape, her intimidating gaze never leaving the man "He has just as much right to live here as anyone else," she said with a deathly undertone dripping from her words "And we do care about the people here. That’s why we’re even saving your sorry ass right now."

Sam’s jaw dropped in a silent gasp. He had never heard Marceline use any sort of foul language before or even show hints of being angry.

"And we’re not going anywhere," Dani punctuated her speech with a sharp cut to where the slug’s throat would be, causing rouge slime to pour down its body in waves "We’re Sam’s family," she then leapt down and grabbed the baseball bat from a discarded pile of slime "And we’ll be damned if we let some ungrateful bastard talk to him that way."

With one hand, Dani tossed the bat over to Sam, who clumsily caught it in his hands. She then knelt down to another pile of slime and pulled out a Bad Seed. Upon dislodging it from the slime, the remnants of the slug disappeared into puffs of thick blue and pink smoke.

There was a silence. The three Fleurs stared at the man with their own levels of distaste. Sam observed the scene in awe. He had seen the females battle troublesome enemies with vigor, but never had he seen them show so much disgust for something, or someone. He felt the mood had shifted dramatically. The pressure he had recently felt was gone. He had been protected, saved.

"Huh," said Marceline, crossing her arms as she looked at the puffs of smoke "Had the slug entrails been there a minute longer, I would have told him that he’d end up like that if he ever talks that way to Sam again."

Dani and Erin exchanged a silent, mildly shocked glance for a moment before bursting into laughter. Marceline smiled and glanced over at Sam, whose pale cheeks immediately reddened as he glanced over at the other two males. Mr. Patrick looked fascinated and amazed by what he had just seen. The sandy-haired man looked absolutely paralyzed by fear.

"...We spent the rest of the evening answering Mr. Patrick’s questions (much to Mathilda’s dismay). We never knew what ever happened to the sandy-haired man. In all that craziness, we weren’t even able to catch his name. But I suppose he could just be called a passing face among many. But I must admit, he’s going to be hard for me to forget. He embodied exactly what I feared for myself if the Fleurs’ identities were to leak out. Would people react like him? Would the people I loved start to hate me? I mean, I can’t guarantee everyone will react the way Mathilda and Mr. Patrick did (especially with Mr. Patrick’s enthusiasm). They haven't known me as long as people like Holland. Yes, Mistford has had its run-ins with faes and elves, but what about Fleurs?"

Fleur Girls- (5)

Btw, I know it wasn’t all that clear, but Mr. Patrick is MatPat from GameTheory. Instead of making game theories, he now has Mistford theories! But the man that owned the thrift shop was just a passing OC. Any resemblance he holds to a real life person is completely coincidental.

In Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar claimed that it’s set in a world/place where supernatural activity is pretty normal (like Gravity Falls, almost), hence why most people accept the Crystal Gems’ activity as the norm while others have...mixed reactions.


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