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(Contains: strong language)

I believe at some point in the story, my AutoCorrect program may have changed "Alfred" to "Alec" even after I proofread it, but just to clarify, the critic is named Alfred. And to avoid further confusion, Alex is Digital Pirate.


The aggressive hum of the Vespa cut across the pavement as the tires glided over the clean road. The wind teased Prim's pink hoodie as Kylie struggled not to have it slap her helmet clad face. Specks of raindrops pierced the smooth surface of both girls' helmets as the Vespa picked up crisp sheets of rain off of the street. The sheets began to lower and hush as the vehicle slowed to its arrival at the building. The Vespa came to a halt once Prim set her foot on the pavement.

"It's raining hell hounds and hyenas out here, but I don't care, Digit is here!" Kylie cheered as she peeled her helmet off of her head.

A smile was revealed on Prim's reddish lips as she called her Vespa's engine to a stop, but soon it contorted into a skeptical frown "Are you sure this is the right address?" she questioned.

The older girl stared up at the basic four-wall, brick building with what appeared to be the faded remains of posters that used to advertise various commercial brands.

"Well, they had to rent the place," said Kylie, sliding off of the Vespa seat "And in the urban section of Melancholy, to boot."

"Poor Digit," hummed Prim, disappointed at the humiliation the man must have felt when he realized the shabby place would hold his performance.

"As if a crappy building's gonna keep Digit from delivering one hell of a concert," waved off Kylie as she approached the door.

Prim followed suit, both girls disregarding the rain as they made a short trek from the curb to the door.

Kylie entered first, her black gym shoe hitting the velvet carpet.

A few people already stood in the lobby, two of them standing still at the mouth of a hallway, handing out papers to those who roamed.

"Oh, I knew this place seemed familiar," said Kylie, looking around at the high ceilings and plain decor "It used to be a church."

"Really?" questioned Prim, catching up to the younger girl's side.

"Yeah, my grandparents used to come here all the time," said Kylie, approaching the two young adults clad in black Digital Pirate T-shirts.

"Hello there, are you two members?" greeted an oriental woman.

"Yup," replied Prim as both girls raised their arms to show neon green wristbands simultaneously.

The woman gave friendly nod "Great, just head to the third door on the right," she said in her same chipper tone as she stepped aside to let the two females walk down the hallway. 

The further they descended, the more Prim believed Kylie's claim that the rented out building was previously a church.

"She probably just told us to go backstage instead of the concert hall," pointed out Prim as they approached the door.

Kylie opened the door, allowing both to enter a spacious room of dark-colored floors, ceilings and walls. Wires hung down like vines and people walked back and forth at a hurried fashion.

Kylie instantly recognized a few faces that flashed across the room as the faces she would see in the tiny thumbnails on their online forum. The first one she recognized was "Calem!"

The bespectacled blond slowed his pace and squinted towards the two females.

He then hesitantly walked towards them with an awkward step "Hi," he said "And you two are...?"

"It's us, Kylie and Prim," introduced the younger.

"K-Kylie and Prim…?" the man repeated, skeptical of the two younger females before him. He could easily feel a sense of familiarity upon recognizing Kylie's cozy black Nirvana sweatshirt, mustard yellow jeans and black gym shoes. Many people before had come in similar attire. However, Prim's rose pink sweatsuit with golden stripes running down the length of her legs and arms stuck out as odd to him.

"Calem? What's going on here?" questioned a female voice.

A lean woman of a considerable height approached the man. Threaded through her wavy brown hair was a headset and in her arm was a clip board.

"Oh, umm, more members of the club came by," the blonde explained "Kylie and…?"

"Prim," the older girl finished "Primrose."

The woman pulled an open-mouthed smile "Oh! Kylie and Primrose!" she said in recognition as she nodded "So nice to see you!"

"Same to you, Ramona," respectfully replied Prim with a smile of her own.

"So Ramona, an important music critic is supposed to show up, huh?" questioned Kylie.

"Yeah, Alfred McClain," the brunette said with a smile and a nod, as if saying the name would ring some recognition in the girls. However, a rather nervous sigh escaped her airways afterwards "It's a pretty big night for us."

"I'm sure of it," agreed Prim "So what exactly would you like us to do?"

"Oh, just help with the stage set up," Ramona waved off "Are either of you computer savvy?"

Prim playfully grabbed Kylie's hand and waved it like a school student.

"Alright then," said Ramona "You can set up Alex's computer."

A spark in Kylie's chestnut eyes lit up as though she were complimented.


A satisfying click made contact with the outlet as Kylie plugged in the wire that brought the computer to life.

"This is so freaking cool," the girl muttered to herself.

Far away on the back part of the stage, Prim struggled to pull the rouge curtain to its proper place, silently envying her younger friend for having the less physically exhausting job.

"Need some help there?" questioned a foreign, rather childlike voice.

Prim looked up and made eye contact with a pair of emeralds.

Walking up to her was a young woman just an itch or two shy of Prim's height. Her scanty figure could easily confuse the Hawaiian for someone of a younger age, but her layered, straight black hair and the slight tint to her caucasian skin rang a bell of familiarity that told Prim otherwise.

"Yuziki?" questioned the Hawaiian.

The older female nodded "I'll take that as a yes," she said, swaggering over to the other side of the curtain and moving it "Primrose, isn't it?" she asked.

The taller female replied "Y-Yes," suddenly feeling slightly self-conscious as she tried to focus on both speaking to the older woman and the task at hand. The reason she had initially recognized the woman as Yuziki in the first place was because she matched the features the woman had mentioned several times on the forum. However, now that Prim was seeing those features altogether, she noticed a particular flaw "So Yuziki, umm, what is your real name?"

Even though there was a very faint bronze to the girl's white skin, it could only put someone under the impression that she was from Italian or Greek roots. Prim could only assume her Japanese name was just a screen name.

The older woman's young features twisted ever so slightly in an offended expression "That is my real name," she said "I may not look like it, but I do have Japanese heritage."

Prim's face heated slightly in embarrassment "Oh..." she then chuckled awkwardly "Heh, if you're wondering, Primrose is my real name, too."

"Yeah, I figured," Yuziki said with a slight clip in her tone that showed that she saw Prim's declaration as rather obvious.

The two moved the curtain across the length of the stage in awkward silence. It wasn't until they were halfway done that an uncomfortable thought crept into Prim's mind: This was the woman Kylie claimed to have scolded her on the forums.

"Huh, she must not like me," Prim thought "I'll have to make sure not to piss her off here."

"It's funny meeting each other in real life for the first time," the Hawaiian said.

"Yeah, I'm sure none of us look like what we expected, accounting for those who don't have a selfie as an icon," laughed Yuziki "Well, I can't say the same for you. You look pretty much exactly as I expected."

Prim smiled "Oh, nice," she said, although she felt something less than innocent in the words, especially when the woman's green eyes scoped up and down Prim's pink-clad figure.


The depths of the backstage filled with the echoes of the growing audience that waited on the other side of the curtains. Over time, it had seemed to suffice for the oxygen in the room as it congested the atmosphere. The members of the Digital Pirate club were unmoved by it. If anything, they hummed with the subtle energy of anxiety.

"Has anyone seen Alex?" Jacob's voice called out.

Ramona's mouth formed into an "O" shape as she stared in awe "Are you kidding me? You haven't seen him either?"

The black-haired young man shook his head regrettably "No."

The other members looked at one another as the unnerving news settled in.

"We've already postponed the opening performance by fifteen minutes," stated Ramona with agitation "Although that audience doesn't know it, yet, Alfred McClain is waiting out there and he's expecting a show. So…" she anxiously rubbed her hands together as she paused "If any of you could…supply some entertainment until Alex comes..."

Each of the club members had already began to take glances at each other once they heard the first half of Ramona's sentence.

"Prim can sing!" Kylie cheered.

The older girl's almond eyes widened considerably as her face flushed "N-No!" she stuttered.

"What are you talking about? You know you can sing," countered Kylie "Don't pretend you didn't know what you were doing during that karaoke night!"

"That was just for fun!" argued Prim "You can't hold that against me."

"Joking aside, can you sing or not?" Ramona intervened with an impatient tone.


"Well, yeah but-"

Both girls replied at the exact same time, Prim's half-stated response hanging in the air.

"But what?" Ramona spat out.

"But there's gotta be someone else better than me. I mean I'm just a kid," Prim rebutted.

"We're looking for someone who can sing. Age isn't really a factor right now," Jacob snarked.

Prim's mouth snapped open again to protest, but she suddenly became aware of all the expectant eyes on her, pleading, begging for an agreement. It was up to her now. There was nowhere to run.

"Just tell me how to work that computer."


The Hawaiian stood on stage before the computer and keyboard set up, her features stern in a stubborn face of both agitation and determination. The audience paid no mind, though. They simply applauded her arrival as expected.

Prim pulled the microphone up to her red lips "How're we doing tonight, Melancholy?" she greeted.

Another satisfactory round of applause was returned.

"I'm sure quite a few of you know this song," she said, unsure of what else would be appropriate to say.

"Anything other than "Digital Pirate is late so I'm subbing"," the girl thought as she pulled up the appropriate music on the computer.

The same lazy beat Prim had listened to with Kylie on the cold curb that afternoon played through the speakers behind her, bringing back the uncomfortable image of the brown hue with the single blue and orange stripes.

Once her cue came, Prim began to sing the robotic lyrics, appropriately molding her girlish voice around Digit's low hum of a voice.

She droned words into the microphone, hearing it echo around the concert hall. However, she didn't really feel like she was singing it. She just felt as if she were going through the monotonous motions of a command, like a machine whose switch had been turned on.

Suddenly, she clamped her mouth shut, stopping the flow of lyrics from her voice. The music continued playing only for a short moment before Prim's hand came up to the mouse and paused it.

A hum of displeasure and confusion washed over the audience that slightly soured Prim, but her hands were already dancing on the keyboard as she pulled up a new audio.

A tame techno beat slowly gained volume as it pumped through the speakers beside Prim. Pensively rolling her fingers carefully over the microphone, Prim tapped her foot to the beat.

"If you want it… 

Take it.

I should've said it before."

Energy buzzed within the girl. It made the microphone in her hand feel slippery with sweat. An unrealistic fear that she might drop it flashed through her mind for a split second. As she took a moment to breath during the pause in the song, her eyes landed on a particular individual.

He was dressed in a navy blue suit with a golden shirt underneath. As he nodded his head to the rhythm of the song, his concise afro was just barely seen in the dark audience. His chocolate brown skin accented his deep dark brown eyes. That's what she noticed the most; the approval in his eyes.

"Tried to hide it…

Fake it.

I can't pretend anymore."

The man's bright white teeth were shown as his lips stretched into a full smile. Prim could feel her cheeks swell as her own smile formed on her face.

"I only wanna die alive...

Never by the hands of a broken heart.

Don't wanna hear you lie tonight...

Now that I've become who I really are"

A welcoming warmth pooled in Prim's chest. She felt it stretch over her shoulder blades and the nape of her neck.

"This is the part when I say I don't want ya

I'm stronger than I've been before

This is the part when I break free

'Cause I can't resist it no more-!"

As if a bucket of ice water had been harshly thrown on the girl, Prim's words bundled in her throat at the sound of an electric pop hit her ears.

Looking down, she saw her computer screen covered in black lifelessness. She quickly darted her head in several directions for the source of her dead computer. Finally, her eyes landed on the lean figure of Ramona standing to the side of the stage, swinging a disconnected cord in one hand while the other was balled in a fist that rested on her hip.

Shivers of guilt ran down Prim's spine as the woman's brown eyes pierced into hers. Soon, another uncomfortable feeling settled in Prim's body. As she gazed out to the audience, she realized the content faces she thought she had witnessed were actually a sea of sneers and moving mouths that formed complaints.

She flinched slightly as a hand snatched the microphone out of hers while another gently shoved her to the side.

"We're sorry folks; we know you deserve much better than this Musical Pollution," Ramona announced to the crowd as she stood in Prim's place "Digital Pirate will be here shortly to perform."

The warming sensation in Prim was leaving a burning feel ins on her skin where it had touched. She would have shaken it off as the scorch of humiliation if it wasn't for the rapid intensifying of the heat. It was a dry heat that wouldn't allow her to sweat, but it consumed her very being.

She exhaled, shocked to see her breath had grown hot enough to steam in the lukewarm room as though she were standing outside on a winter day.

"Prim? What's up?" Kylie's concerned voice reached her ears, her hand resting on the older girl's shoulder.

The moment the added heat touched Prim's shoulder, the older girl flinched.

"Ah-! I-I'm good-d, I just need to go, uh, to the washroom…"


"I'm fine…!" the older girl hissed with impatience as she spun on her heels to face her now scared friend.

Prim glowered at the girl as she slowly took careful steps backwards, getting a good distance between herself and the younger before she turned and walked away.


Prim was thankful that her friend allowed her the privacy by not following her. She just prayed she had also informed the others to leave her be as well.

Prim couldn't pinpoint what was wrong with her. She certainly wasn't emotionally or mentally disturbed in any way. No, it was solely physical. Her nerves were strangely hyperaware and her body felt overstimulated. She felt the slightest touch would render her undone.

"Is this what a panic attack feels like?" the girl thought fearfully as she looked down at her flushed red hands "Or…the beginnings of a heart attack?"

She had locked herself away in a dark, cold basement in an attempt to cool down. The bathroom was much too public for her.

Her back hit the wall once a shattering pump of her heart pounded against her chest. She then slid down the wall until she rested in a sitting position in the aftermath of her recovery.

"It seems the metamorphosis has finally come…"

Prim lifted her blood shot eyes in the direction of the eerily familiar voice.

"Hm, you always were such a serious child."

Before Prim could even strain her eyes in the dark to find the source of the voice, pink discoloring began to flood the edges of her vision. She shivered when the layers of her clothes thinned out enough for her to feel the cold concrete on her bare skin, but soon, new garments took the place of her pink jumpsuit.

Wrapped around her hips was a bright pink pleated skirt with a tight pair of red shorts that could easily be mistaken for boy-styled panties underneath, boldly showing between the folds of the skirt. A ruby red, long sleeved shirt of the same skin-tight material revealed the Hawaiian's taut abdominal muscles. Over her bust and shoulders was a bright pink hooded poncho that left only the sleeves of her shirt uncovered. Her legs bore thigh-high pink boots with a red zipper running down their lengths that was made of a stretchy fabric more akin to leggings.

Then to top it all off, a pair of pink Butterfly Headphones sat right over her ears.

"Wh-" Prim's questioning statement was left to hang in the air, but realization soon hit her "But how did…" she turned around to look about her surroundings "Rhythm?"

However the Pill was nowhere in sight.

The Hawaiian stood up "Hell, I can't let them see me like this," she squeezed her hands into fists "How do I change back?"

A bright light flash beneath the fabric of Prim's poncho. She reached into her cleavage and was amazed by what she had seen; her MP3 player firmly stitched onto the fabric of her ruby red top. The screen was flashing a blank white screen at a steady rate.

"What does this mean?" she asked a little too loudly.

Rather than an answer to her question, a familiar male voice simply replied "Hm, so you're the owner…"

The girl instantly spun around on her heel to look in the direction of the male voice.

A tall man with a modestly muscular build stood in a strange attire. He wore a tight-fitted dark green turtle neck sweater with a black jacket over it. A brown belt with an alarming amount of various weapon holsters crowned his close-fitting black jeans. Under his layered brown hair was an equally dark green mask over his eyes and nose.

Upon closer inspection, Prim realized that the man was holding-

"Put her down!"

Rhythm struggled in the man's leather-gloved grasp. Of course, the man didn't make any movement to comply to Prim's wishes.

In a rush of anxiety, the girl lunged at him, only to be met with a brutal fist in her gut, which she had tried and failed to push away before it made impact.

"Whoa, feisty one, you are," the man said as the girl's body convulsed over his fist "Not even a "what are you doing?" or a "who are you?"? No? You just go straight in for the kill."

Prim took advantage of his slack attitude and clawed his arm, causing him to recoil. However, the moment she lunged again, she was harshly backhanded to the ground.

"Well I'll tell you anyway, despite your lack of concern," the guy casually walked over to Prim, planting his foot right on her already bruising stomach just as she was about to get up again "Your little birdy here found a Music Note that has no business being in anyone's hands but mine. I had to fix that, of course..."

As the man spoke, Prim's eyes wandered about her, seeking a means of defending herself. That's when she saw it; the miniature bow and arrow set tucked away in a red holster stitch to her skirt.

"…the question is should I let you live or die?" he teased "Although I've been feeling pretty generous, lately, I'm rather bored-"

Suddenly, a pink beam flashed past the man's head, little shreds of hair floating in the air where the arrow grazed his scalp.

Although the girl couldn't see it, the man's eyes widened considerably. He lifted his foot from Prim and backed away.

After she stood up with her bow and arrow aimed in her hands like a gun, the man laughed "Do you even know how to use that thing?"

"I just did, didn't I?" the girl rebutted "Hand over Rhythm and the Music Note," she barked.

There was hesitation, of course, but Prim wasn't willing to fire an arrow simply because the man didn't comply right away. Who knew how many arrows she had in that thing, anyway.

Eventually, a condescending smirk stretched over the man's face "Y'know, I think I'll let you have it this time," to Prim's surprise, the man set Rhythm down, who was holding a blue orb in her arms "I find you interesting, different from the others I've seen," he said backing away "Don't think this is over, no, I'm just saving you for later."

Before Prim could register what was happening, her instincts took over and she ran towards Rhythm, taking the Pill in her hands. When she looked up, the two were…alone.


"Rhythm, what happened?" questioned Prim "I transformed, but..."

Prim stood in a bathroom stall in her normal jumpsuit again. She held Rhythm in her palms because she was untrustworthy of the dirty surfaces in the stall. Even though no one else was there, the teen still pretended she was making a private call in the stall.

"You developed your Musical Identity," explained Rhythm "Apparently, the emotion was strong enough to trigger your transformation. Most don't transform until a few weeks after."

Prim thought about when she was singing Digital Pirate's song on stage. She felt so frustrated, so humiliated that she was forced to conform to a song that wasn't her. It didn't feel genuine. When she turned on her own song, the relief of those feelings was so liberating. She was on a literal high.

"So this Music Note," Prim said, her gaze lowering to the orb in Rhythm's arms "This is one of the "fallen Muses"?"

"Yes," confirmed Rhythm "I detected it when it broke out of its shell. I wanted to warn you about it so we could save it, but that man got to me first," the Pill looked up at the girl "Prim, your singing awakened it from its slumber."

A surrealistic feeling settled in Prim's gut "I did that?"

"Most typically, a Vocaloid must use her weapon to physically break the shell, but you managed to do that with your own voice," Rhythm beamed "You have the gift of vocals…" she then lowered her voice to a volume below Prim's hearing range "Just like your mother."


After a firm scolding from Ramona and countless apologies supplied by both Prim and Kylie, the concert continued just as Alex had made a seemingly miraculous arrival. The girls sat on the side, Prim noticing the unwelcoming stares from the audience members. In fact, when one of them approached her, a sense of fear swelled in her throat.

"Hi, I noticed your singing on stage."

That's when Prim realized the smiling face in front of her was that of the black man in the audience.

"I'm Alfred McClain," he said "I'd like to talk with you later, but until now, here…" a business card was placed into Prim's hand.

The girl side glanced at her friend to see if she noticed, but alas, she was swept in the hysterical joy of the audience as she applauded Digital Pirate.

The man brought a finger up to his lips "But let's keep this between you and I. I don't think Digital Pirate, here, would be too happy if he found out about this offer."

Several questions piled on top of one another in Prim's mind as she watched the man return to his seat in the audience. Of course, none of them actually formed into spoken words.

Looking down at the card she was given, she noticed an interesting phrase: "Project Illumination".

Real Life Vocaloid -(4)

Previous Chapter: Real Life Vocaloid- (3)

By the way, a Vocaloid's job is literally just to use her super powered form to unlock the Muses, so their outfits are purposefully not made for combat and battle. I would have gone for typical dresses like Puella Magi Madoka, but lets be real, it's gonna be pretty hard running through those thick dresses and capes that practically touch the floor. So I tried to combine things like Winx Club, Kill la Kill, and Tokyo Mew Mew because their clothes focus more so on mobility.

"Break Free" by Ariana Grande and Zedd.


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