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Davis Paige Jackson
United States
((I swear I can't stand that username, 14 year old random fangirl phase how you could betray me like that I thought we were friends--))

Name: Davis Paige Jackson
Aliases: Jack, Jacque, Jackson PJ, Prince.
Age: 17
Birthday: Oct. 1st
Western Zodiac: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Jung Personality Type: INFJ
Race: black
Gender: trans/femboy (she/he)
Religion: Buddhist
Orientation: Grey-Aromantic & Femmesexual
Occupation: high-school student, aspiring author, part-time artist.
Personality: eccentric, flamboyant, sassy, shy, awkward, analytical, optimistic, imaginative.
Likes: music, food, malls, parties, anime/manga, pop culture, video games, pastel colors, books, babies, cats, biking, rollerskating.
Dislikes: pessimism, dirty work, nature, uptightness, hospitals, politics, police.
The Prince's Favorites

Anime: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Kuroshitsuji, Kill la Kill, Sekirei, Hetalia, Getsumen To Heiki Mina, Love Stage!, Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Cartoons: Steven Universe, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Winx Club (before Nickelodeon).

TV Shows: Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious, Wizards of Waverly Place, Scandal, If Loving You Is Wrong, Happy Endings, Ru Paul's Drag Race, Noah's Arc, How to Be A Grown Up, The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Movies: Coraline, Inisidious, The Devil Wears Prada, Rise of the Guardians, Mama, Alice in Wonderland (2012), Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom, anything with Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson in it.

Books: The Great Gatsby, Everlost, To Kill a Mockingbird, Goosebumps, Native Son, The Sitter, Niner, Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Slayer.

Manga: Kampfer, Oyasumi Pun-Pun, Doujinshi I mean what.

Games/Visual Novels: DRAMAtical Murder, Catherine, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Mogeko's Castle, The Gray Garden, Five (Yiffing) Nights at Freddy's, Coraline (Nintendo), Winx Club: Mission Enchantix, Kim Possible, Silent Hill, The Evil Within, Outlast, HetaOni and other Hetalia games.

Female Artists: Tinashe, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Jessie J, Lindsey Stirling, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Ke$ha, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Selena Gomez, Fergie, CL.

Male Artists: Akon, Taio Cruz, Michael Jackson, Usher, John Legend, Drake, Flo Rida, Will.I.Am, Stromae, Sam Tsui, Macklemore, Basshunter, Jeffree Star, The Living Tombstone, DJ Earworm, DJ Masa, Owl City, Boney James, Justin Timberlake, Pitbull, Enrique Inglesias, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P. DJ Satomi, Yuya Matsushita, Bruno Mars,

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Youtubers: Kyookun, POiiSED, JonTron, Yamimash, Vsauce, Dan & Phil, 8-bit Gamers, Game Grumps, Markiplier.

Idols: Criss Angel, Edd Gould, Dr. Phil, Ellen Degeneres, Bill Nye, Steven Hawking, Vsauce, Jeffree Star, Ru Paul, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj,.
So like many users, I've become inactive lately. UNlike many users, it's not because I've lost interest in dA. Lately, my laptop broke and I've been using a borrowed computer that makes dA run SO MUCH slower. So it's hard to check up here every so often [and still have a slither of patience left]. At the moment, I'm unable to upload pictures and drawings, but I can still update stories. For those of you who are interested in that, I have some good news:
  • fem!Youtuber AU is expanding and is also an official series on AO3.
  • After completing Attack on Google+, Steam Train and Girl's Night In, I plan on writing a Steven Universe/Mahou Shojo-esque story as well as a pop star story set in the fem!Youtuber AU.
  • Don't You Heichou Me is nearing its end.
  • I plan on writing more original novels such as Man Up and Lipgloss & Lollipop.
  • I'm going to reboot Pangaea as well.
And I'm able to do this now because I'm officially on summer vacation and I have a lot more time. Remember, you can reach my stories at the following links:
Archive of Our Own 

And for those of you who favorited my stuff AGES ago and didn't receive a thank you, you're getting it now. Love y'all and thank you for the support!Here's a kiss for you, my love! 
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June 28, 2089


The subject has been born and from the experiment came another success. We were able to birth yet another healthy baby girl. We were concerned, however, by how small she was. She was six pounds and only fourteen inches long. From her father's recorded history, she should have been born a much larger size. Professor Zoe had told me that this was to be expected, that not all factors could be replicated. I placed her in the crib we had prepared for her, the one right next to the Subject Hanson's empty crib. Arin Hanson's child was birthed nearly two years ago. It was just yesterday that she was adopted by a young couple. The same would happen to the small child before me, but for these next two years, we, at the Luna Crest Team, were her parents.

June 29, 2089


We have decided to give Subject Fishbach a new name: Marceline Edna Fishbach. Professor James got "Marceline" from "Mark" since we all agreed that calling her "Marcy" or "Mary" would be wonderful. Professor Lee got "Edna" from "Edward". Naturally, we kept her surname the same like you would with any child. In my opinion, it was much more realistic to look at an infant like her and not instantly have the masculine name "Fishbach" come to mind. I must admit, going into the work of human experimentation, I never thought I would have to endure parenthood. It was tiring and just as exhausting as I had been told. Thankfully, as a group of scientists, we have more than just a single pair of guardians to watch over these infants. Professor Hudson, our higher-up, always made sure that we had a separate group of five just to take care of each infant. It was rather surreal, seeing a bunch of colleagues in labcoats and goggles oohing and aahing at a baby.

September 14, 2089


Marceline has began teething as predicted. And we are happy to see that the development is at a healthy rate. Milestones such as these are further proof that the experiment was a success, something everybody can rejoice in. Unfortunately, attending to said teething infant didn't bring as much joy...

October 24, 2089


Another addition has been added to the makeshift family today! Subject Kjellberg was born just moments ago. She was a beautiful blonde baby girl with expressive blue eyes. I thought it would be pretty nice to have a playmate for Marceline, but, unfortunately, every single baby is taken care of by an individual group of colleagues. Therefore, I wasn't allowed to see her. I overheard one of the professors saying that they planned to name her "Felicia", but struggled with the middle name. That was the last I ever heard of Subject Kjellberg.

November 9, 2089


Professor Zoe had been showing some strange behavior. She was no longer as enthusiastic about her work as before. She distanced herself from us. Every time she took it upon herself to take care of Marceline, a look of sadness crossed her eyes. Naturally, I brought this to her attention, me being her closest companion here. She didn't tell me right away what was upsetting her, nor did she even confirm or deny that she was upset at all. She simply told me to meet her in Lab A102 when everyone went to bed. I obeyed her and waited until the entire building was silent and my eyes drooped from fatigue.

I didn't have the slightest inkling as to what she had planned to show me there, but it hit me once I walked into the lab: This was where all the volunteers were cryogenically frozen. These were the people who volunteered to donate their DNA or sperm to this experiment on asexual reproduction. They were told that they'd be doing us a favor and helping people who cannot bear children to create a family. They were told that they'd be helping our next generation by allowing us to make children that couldn't fall ill. It was a good cause. There were good intentions. "But then they got greedy," Professor Zoe told me, motioning towards a selection of separate cases. In this section were not ordinary volunteers. These were celebrities of the twenty-first century. Some were politicians, musicians, entertainers, you name it.

It scared me how I recognized a lot of those faces, once full of expression were now bare and void of any emotion. What scared me the most was how young most of them were compared to the nonfamous volunteers. A grand majority of them were in their twenties, and yet they were practically dead, nothing but naked bodies suspended in a blue glass tube.

"I used to be completely supportive of Project Reincarnation," Professor Zoe told me "We were making better humans. We were helping families," it looked like she was about to cry, which made me want to vomit "But when I look at them...I wonder if I'm doing the right thing."

I reminded her that our volunteers weren't dead and that they could be thawed out and revived at any time. It was really to reassure myself, but in the end, my words were as flat as the floor we stood on. I became deaf to them, especially with Mark Fishbach's glass tube just over Professor Zoe's shoulder. I just stared and stared, everything else around me slipping into nonexistence along with my words. The man in that tube had a life and we put it on hold without his permission nor his knowing. He had a life that he could never get back to, no matter what we did. I then wondered if Professor Zoe was really right, if what we were doing was a sin. I wondered until I heard Marceline's cries through the baby monitor hooked onto my belt.

January 1, 2090


What a pleasant New Year's surprise! Marceline has started to sit up and crawl. As predicted, it took approximately eight months. Although, now that she is mobile, we need to be more attentive to make sure she doesn't stumble into our work space.

March 12, 2090


Recently, Marceline has become more vocal. She has made sounds to explore her voice and make attempts to communicate with us, but this was the first time she has actually said an actual word in its proper context: "No." Funny enough, it was during feeding time and I guess she wasn't too enthusiastic about the meal. It was a pretty funny moment and I think everyone needed a laugh, especially Professor Zoe and I.

June 30, 2090


Marceline has recently turned one year old. Even though she has already started walking, we are still concerned by her small size. She was not born prematurely. As dated in our logs, she was born on the exact date as Mark Fishbach; June 28. Again, the others chalked it up to factors we may or may not have to fix in the future. Her health is not affected by this at all and I have been told not to worry.

August 25, 2090


I can hear Professor Lee playing with Marceline. As I sit in my room, I am reminded that one day, these moments are going to have to end. When Marceline turns two, we have to put her up for adoption, just like the others. Even though these days were stressful, I don't want them to come to an end. It feels so cruel to simply throw away a child and pretend that they were never ours. However, I knew that wasn't the intention. Since birth, babies like Marceline never get to experience the changing weather outside the confines of this lab. They never get to watch the cartoons normal kids do. They never get to see another baby like them. They never get to explore the world around them. I can only hope that whoever adopts Marceline will allow her that freedom.

June 30, 2090


I stopped by the orphanage to see how Marceline was doing. I had made it a habit of mine to come visit her occasionally. When I came in today, she was gone. I had been told that a woman came in and adopted her. I thought I could at least take comfort in the fact that I could maybe visit the woman, but I was told that she had lived in Korea and travelled to America just to adopt a child.

January 2, 2110


It's been ten years since I left the Luna Crest Team. If my math is correct, Project Reincarnation should have come to a close right after I left. I got a job working as a doctor. It ran pretty close to home. People like me aren't allowed to disclose any information about the experiment, no matter what interviewers or press members try to corner us for juicy information that the public would feed off of. It's as if none of it had ever happened.

January 3, 2110


Every now and then, I get a confidential letter from the Luna Crest Team about what it plans to do now that the project is over. I've been told that the adoptive parents have been sworn into secrecy not to tell the origin of their children. (I always feared what would happen to them if they told…) I've also been told that the government always makes sure that the children are getting the best education, healthcare and jobs they can possibly supply. That made me feel better about their future. Still, my mind managed the fret over the fact that the government couldn't prevent people from mistreating the children, be it coworkers, classmates, or the adoptive families themselves.

Today, however, I was told very shocking news: the volunteers were being thawed out and revived. They were doing this so that they could have a chance to be with their children for the rest of their lives. I thought it was brilliant! Because the age gap was so small between most of the children and the volunteers, there was little to no chance that the volunteers would outlive them. Marceline was only five years younger than Mark Fishbach. She would be with her father for a very long time, perhaps even the rest of her life!

June 28, 2110


Marceline will be twenty-one years old today. I have gotten word from Professor Zoe that Mark Fishbach has officially adopted her (we may or may not have bended the rules in order to allow that). We get pictures and letters from Mr. Fishbach, who thanks us for the gift of fatherhood. Up until then, I had always worried about the struggles volunteers like him went through as they adjusted to their new world and coped with the loss of their old one. But Mr. Fishbach seemed to have thrown away all of those troubles in exchange for his time to spend with Marceline. And judging from the pictures we're receiving, Marceline is still a small woman.

September 12, 2110


The past few years have been the best of my life. Jasmine Zoe and I have gotten married and moved to Los Vegas. To my surprise, Mark Fishbach and Marceline both attended our wedding. Apparently, Jasmine invited them. I was so proud of the beautiful young woman Marceline had grown up to be, but not as proud of the beautiful young woman that was my bride to be. Later on in that evening, Mark Fishbach jokingly asked if we planned to have a child of our own. Both Jasmine and I looked at Marceline, looked at one another and instantly answered "No."

Luna Crest: Creating Marceline
This is another addition to the fem!Youtube AU. However, this one is much different from the previous ones. Rather than being written in third-person, this is a diary entry from one of the scientists involved in the experiment. If you're wondering what the scientist's/narrator's gender is, consider it a mystery (or a reader-insert if you wish).
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

A thick stream of champagne poured into the glass. The aggressive flow forced some of the liquor to splash and hop out of the glass in tiny droplets, but the heavy set man holding the bottle paid no mind.

The pale young man with raven black hair interrupted by a bang of blond hair bit the inside of his cheek "A little crass to be drinking while making a business negotiation, isn't it?" he thought to himself.

Shifting his crystal blue eyes over to his partner, he noticed the redhead casually taking a sip of his drink without hesitation. He fought the urge to scold the young man for giving in to alcohol so easily. This really wasn't the time to risk losing such a big deal over his partner's drunken misbehavior. Then again, the redhead didn't need to be under the influence to misbehave.

The three males sat in a spacious lounge on the very top floor of a condominium. Through the floor to ceiling window, the evening sky made gentle contact with the velvet painted wall. The pool outside reflected its waves in the dark brown of the hardwood floors and glass furniture. The darkness of their surroundings soothed the raven-haired man, but not enough.

"So Mr. Berhow and Mr. Conrad," the heavy set, older man sat down on the leather couch across from them, his own champagne glass resting on the glass coffee table between them "It is to my understanding that you have a female group that would like to sign a record deal with me."

Sam stiffened "Yes," he said "I'm sure you've heard of them before, Mr. Sterling. The Gamer Girls obtained their first Vevo channel almost a year ago."

Mr. Sterling's brown brows raised "A year ago?" he inquired "But on the phone, you told be they started producing music three years ago."

"They were," chimed in Holland before Sam could speak again "As separate artists."

Sam cleared his throat, preparing to change his words "Yes, ah, they were individual artists before we put them together."

This seemed to intrigue Mr. Sterling, as his lips curled in a satisfied smile "Could you give me a brief description about these young ladies?"

Again, Sam opened his mouth to speak, but his red haired companion interrupted him again "Well, let's start with my personal favorite, Rose O'Donovan," he started, pulling up a Clove table and pressing the appropriate buttons of the touchpad "As the sweetheart of the group, people fall in love with that babyface. And who could blame them? But don't underestimate her. The girl can hit high enough notes to crack these champagne glasses right here," he passed the tablet over to Mr. Sterling.

On the screen was a picture of a petite brunette girl with large cadet blue eyes, a short ponytail resting behind her head by an indigo bow and a matching indigo women's suit. The picture appeared to be a selfie, as her hand was held out towards the camera and her hand covered her mouth in a deliberate "bashful" pose. The background also appeared to be in a clothing store.

Mr. Sterling furrowed his brow " old is she?" he questioned in an unsure tone.

"Nineteen," said Sam.

A tiny hand flailed towards the top of the shelf. Tiny grunts of frustration and irritation echoed in the small hallway. Both belonged to the petite girl standing on top of a stepping stool as she struggled to grab the DVD above.

Down the hall, Holland walked with his Clove in hand, scrolling idly. He only looked up when he got close enough to notice the girl "Rose?"

Even though he didn't get a response, he walked over to the young woman "Uhm, d'you need help?"

That's when Rose finally looked to her manager "I can't reach the DVD, Holland," she said with a pout.

The velvet-haired man fought back a laugh at the woman's predicament before he casually swiped the DVD from the shelf and looked at it "Hm, Ramona and Julia, huh?"

Rose nodded and hopped down from the stool.

"Here ya go, kid," said Holland, handing the young woman the DVD.

Rose smiled "Thank you, Holland!" then she hopped up to plant a kiss on his nose before scuffling down the hallway, saying "Guys! Guys, I found the movie!"

Meanwhile, Holland brought a hand to his face, which blushed nearly as red as his hair.

The man's face remained unbelieving and skeptical, leaving an awkward moment of silence to rest. Holland figured that this was a good time to chime in "What'd I tell ya? People absolutely adore the babyface."

Sam suppressed the urge to run a hand down his face and groan. With a brief huff, he reached out his hand and said "Uh, let me show you another one of our members," allowing Mr. Sterling to hand back the Clove tablet. Copying Holland's actions, Sam turned to another picture "Here, we have Berlin Kramer, or Berry, as we all call her," he then handed the tablet back to Mr. Sterling.

The picture displayed a mature-looking woman with her hands resting on her hips and a smile on her lips. Her straight brown hair stopped perfectly at her hips. Her straight bangs poked out from her grey flat cap and rested just above her brown eyes. Through her hair, silver hoop earrings could be seen poking out, accenting her silver bangles and key locket necklace. To top off the classy look, her torso adorned a violet blouse with short sleeves. The pose and the lighting appeared to be from a photoshoot, in contrast to the selfie prior.

"These are all their Twitter icons, by the way," Sam snuck in before he said "Definitely the classiest and most mature of the group. She is also a very skilled dancer and helps the other girls with their routines," he grinned, looking off into the distance as he reminisced "And by far, one of the most negotiable music artists you'll ever encounter-" However, he stopped himself before he could say "I wish the others were like that."

"Sure, I'll tell the girls about the rescheduling," the brunette woman said, closing the planner.

"Seriously?" Sam questioned, practically jumping out of his chair, before correcting himself "I mean, you're not mad?"

"Of course not," said Berry, tucking the planner into her brown satchel "Things change. It'd be foolish to assume things remain consistent in the music business."

Sam was speechless. After all of the stress and tiring work he had gone through, he was willing to face any backlash and scolding from anyone. His haphazardly worn clothes and the ink smudges on his pale skin were proof of what he had endured. there was just peace.

"Take it easy, Sam," Berry said, reaching out to pull a pen from the public relations manager's messy black hair. She then turned to walk out of the office, her own glossy hair flowing behind her like a beautiful cape "Have a good day, sir."

Even after she had left the office, Sam was still at a loss for words. It was only when he slumped down in his chair that he muttered a very tired "You too, Berry…"

Mr. Sterling, apparently pleased, also nodded "And I'm liking the Godiva hair," he said. At that, Sam could relax, but not until Holland's elbow met with his side "Tch, you don't have to put on a show, Sam. We all know that Berry isn't your favorite girl."

"What are you-"

Without warning, Holland took the Clove tablet from Mr. Sterling and began to pull up another picture. It was only seconds, but to Sam, it felt like an agonizing eternity. What was his partner going to do to embarrass him? And in front of Mr. Sterling no less!

"There we go," Holland announced as he passed the tablet back to the older man "Introducing the one and only: Miss Erin Josephine Hanson."

When Mr. Sterling adjusted his glasses to see the picture, his brown eyes instantly widened.

On the screen was a picture of a curvaceous woman with waves of chestnut brown hair parted down the middle with a single band of orange. Her pink lips stretched into a confident smile and one of her auburn eyes were closed in a wink to the viewer. She wore a pink T-shirt with the word "Diva" being stretched terribly over her large bust. One hand tipped a pair of sunglasses on her head, while the other rested on her hip. The background showed a beach, the camera clearly being held by another person.

"Now get this," said Holland "She's the rapper of the group and she's got the attitude to match it."

Mr. Sterling chuckled in amusement "Oh? A white rapper? Where have I heard that before?"

Sam frowned as if he had just seen something frightening "Ah-h, you really don't want to refer to that 20's rapper, Iggy Azalea."

Tugging his collar nervously, Holland gulped "Yeah, don't even mention her name around Erin. She'll flip her lid."

"Erin! You can't just say whatever you want about other celebrities!"

The brunette growled, her arms crossed stubbornly under her bust as she sat on the couch "What? Iggy's, like, 90 years old now. No one cares what I say about her."

Sam, who was anxiously pacing back and forth in the recording studio, said "But think about how that makes you look! How do you think people are going to see you if you're calling people "ignorant bitches" on Twitter?"

Erin casually flipped her hair over her shoulder "Okay, one: I called her a "racist bitch", which she is," she said "Number two: I can't stand when people compare me to her. The chick's spit sounds like Similish! I'm nothing like her."

Sam groaned, running a hand down his face.

"She makes all white people look like bigots and she's given female rap artists a bad name. Give me one good reason I should be nice to her!"

With tired crystal blue eyes, Sam looked pitifully at the young woman on the couch "Erin," he said tiredly "It's not about being nice to people. It's about being the bigger man. If you really want people to stop comparing you to artists like her, then don't get on her level. Prove you're better than her on the stage."

A stubborn frown was still evident on Erin's lips, but with an obnoxious sigh, the woman said "Fine, whatever..."

Mr. Sterling nodded understandably.

"She's also worked with Marceline Fishbach, remember?" mentioned Holland.

Sam shivered "Yeah, I remember Erin snapped on Twitter because Iggy made an offensive remark about "Koreans not being able to do hip-hop"," he said "It took all night to get her to delete those tweets."

Mr. Sterling grinned in intrigue "Ah? Marceline Fishbach, you say?"

Sam nodded, "Yes," not fully understanding the tone in the atmosphere.

Holland, however, caught on immediately "Yup, that music video went through the roof," he said "Put together a woman with a Nicki Minaj body-without implants-and an Asian with a playboy model body-also without implants-in a video and what have you got?" Holland clapped his hands once "Five hundred million views on Youtube."

Sam flinched at his partner's crass behavior, but was surprised when Mr. Sterling chuckled pleasantly "You've got that right, Mr. Conrad," he then took a sip of his champagne.

"Huh, maybe the liquor was a good idea," thought Sam, looking down at his own untouched glass.

"So you said you had four members, right?" questioned Mr. Sterling.

At this point, both Sam and Holland said "Yes," with equal eagerness.

Again, Mr. Sterling chuckled shortly "Well, then show me," he said, handing the Clover tablet back to Sam.

The young man pulled up one final picture and passed it back to Mr. Sterling.

"Dani Avidan," he said, simply.

The screen displayed a tall, slender woman holding a dark blue electric guitar behind her back. Her ink black hair was in neat curls that shined wherever the light hit them and was barely being held down by a blue snapback with a red star in the center. One of her thin eyebrows was pierced, making her mature dark brown eyes stand out even more. She wore a loose black muscle shirt that hung freely over her small, perky breasts. It was clear that she wasn't wearing a bra. The shirt tail rested on her denim mini shorts, where a blue jacket was tied lazily around her hips. In contrast to the dark, masculine colors, a rose pink bubble blossomed from her lips, showing that she had been chewing gum at the time the picture was taken and that most likely, it was intentional.

Mr. Sterling's expression was similar to that of when he saw Erin's picture.

"She started off as a rocker chick. Believe me, her obsession with Fall Out Boy alone will drive you crazy," said Holland, resting his elbows on his knees "But her voice didn't exactly fit the rock genre."

Puzzled, Mr. Sterling questioned "What do you mean?"

Smiling, Holland said "Heh, well sir, she may not look like it, but in this woman is a voice that could rival Beyonce and Christina Aguilera put together."

The middle aged man's eyes widened in shock "Is that so…?"

"Oh yes," said Holland "There's a lot of soul in this woman, I can tell you that."

"Hm," said Mr. Sterling "If she's a rock fanatic like you claim, she must have been very disappointed to be told that she couldn't "fit in the rock genre"."

"Oh she wasn't," reassured Holland "You see, Dani has some pretty strong opinions about rock, and she's pretty annoyed by the fact that music, especially rock, is being-quote, unquote- "undermined by close-minded hipsters"," the redhead said this with air quotes. Sam could only nod in confirmation.

Mr. Sterling's eyebrows bounced in surprise "My, such a strong statement," he said.

"Haters are whining on our videos again," groaned Holland, scrolling on his Clove tablet as he sat at the kitchen table.

Dani, stirring a pot full of ramen at the counter, said "Holland, what did I tell you about reading Youtube comments?"

"I can't help it if I'm excited to see what the first response is to our videos," said the redhead.

"It's always a "first comment!" nerd."

"You know what I mean."

Dani turned down the heat on the fire, then picked up the torn wrapper to check the instructions again "It's always the hipsters," she said after a moment of silence "They're stuck in this pessimistic mindset that we'll never have good music again like we did in the early days and that it will always get worse."

"Yeah," said Holland, only half-listening as he moved on to another website.

"I mean, they're always talking about how corrupt the music industry is and how music artists are only in it for the money. Like, why do you even care about that? Who's thinking like that when they hear a song?" Dani ranted and raved as she waved her spoon around, occasionally dipping it back in the pot to stir the noodles "Ugh, and it's even worse in the rock fandom. So many whiny pissbabies everywhere. I swear, the only rock fandom that's still okay is the Fall Out Boy fandom."

Holland nodded "Yeah, uh-huh…" still barely paying attention.

Dani tore the packet of seasoning and began to mix it with the noodles "Music is simple. You either like some or not. It's so stupid how people start arguments over which sounds are better than others."

"Do you have that ramen ready, yet?"

"Holland, did you hear a word I just said?"

"Yeah, yeah, people just wanna say something sucks so that they can feel superior. Now how about that ramen?"

It was reaching one in the morning.

Holland and Sam had been in Mr. Sterling's humble abode, drinking and losing hours into the evening as they discussed the girls.

Perhaps it was Sam's curfew deceiving his ears, but he could have sworn that he heard a voice say: "You've got a deal."

Gamer Girls- (1)
This is set in the fem!Youtuber AU, so normally, the year would be 3010. However, for the sake of references in today's media, I've moved it back to 2060.
Since this isn't a romance story, there shouldn't be any sex, but it's also a raw slice of life story. So if the rating ever escalates, remember that you can keep up with it on Quotev, Archive of Our Own, and Wattpad [if they ever get their shit together.

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