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((I swear I can't stand that username, 14 year old random fangirl phase how you could betray me like that I thought we were friends--))

Name: Davis Paige Jackson
Aliases: Jack, Jacque, Jackson PJ, Prince.
Age: 17
Birthday: Oct. 1st
Western Zodiac: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
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Race: black
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Occupation: high-school student, aspiring author, part-time artist.
Personality: eccentric, flamboyant, sassy, shy, awkward, analytical, optimistic, imaginative.
Likes: music, food, malls, parties, anime/manga, pop culture, video games, pastel colors, books, babies, cats, biking, rollerskating.
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So like many users, I've become inactive lately. UNlike many users, it's not because I've lost interest in dA. Lately, my laptop broke and I've been using a borrowed computer that makes dA run SO MUCH slower. So it's hard to check up here every so often [and still have a slither of patience left]. At the moment, I'm unable to upload pictures and drawings, but I can still update stories. For those of you who are interested in that, I have some good news:
  • fem!Youtuber AU is expanding and is also an official series on AO3.
  • After completing Attack on Google+, Steam Train and Girl's Night In, I plan on writing a Steven Universe/Mahou Shojo-esque story as well as a pop star story set in the fem!Youtuber AU.
  • Don't You Heichou Me is nearing its end.
  • I plan on writing more original novels such as Man Up and Lipgloss & Lollipop.
  • I'm going to reboot Pangaea as well.
And I'm able to do this now because I'm officially on summer vacation and I have a lot more time. Remember, you can reach my stories at the following links:
Archive of Our Own 

And for those of you who favorited my stuff AGES ago and didn't receive a thank you, you're getting it now. Love y'all and thank you for the support!Here's a kiss for you, my love! 
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Sam sighed as he fell back against the couch "Why can’t I summon my weapon?" he moaned.

Erin, who had been lying on the loveseat adjacent to him reading a magazine, said "I dunno. It’s really easy."

This only caused Sam to groan in frustration. If it was so simple, why couldn’t he do it?

The young man then sat up "What was Mom’s weapon?"

Erin casually shrugged "I dunno," she echoed.

Sam frowned "What? But you guys said that she went on missions."

The brunette’s copper eyes still roamed the magazine page casually as she spoke "Yeah, but that doesn’t mean she took us with her. The oldest we were when she was around was in our teens," said Erin "Even if she did let us see her weapon, it’s hard to remember what happened before we got trapped in those rings."

The elder brother crossed his arms, dissatisfied with his sister’s laid back attitude "Y’know, you said you’d be more honest with me."

Flipping the page, Erin said "Yeah, but you never asked any questions."

"You guys are always too busy to answer them," Sam briefly looked around the room "Like right now, where are Dani and Marceline?"

"On a mission," said Erin.

Sam perked an eyebrow "And you’re not with them?"

"Not every mission needs the three of us to take care of it," said Erin, still taking more interest in the flashy pictures of the magazine before her than her brother.

Sam rested his cheek in his palm, allowing a moment of silence to pass by. He wondered if he should stand up and try to summon his weapon again and risk criticism from the orange Fleur beside him or give it a rest.

"Erin," said Sam "You said you, Dani and Marceline knew my mom because she was close with your fathers?"

For the first time, Erin looked up "Yeah," she said, her voice lacking her usual spark "In a way, she was our godmother. She worked with our dads on this old webshow called--"

"Game Grumps," the word flew from Sam’s lips before he could catch it, but the memory of the Game Grumps shirt hanging from the golden tree in Suzy’s room jumped out at him. He wasn’t even sure if that was the webseries his sister was referring to or exactly why he said it. Now he and Erin were staring at one another wide-eyed.

"Yeah…" the brunette said, much to Sam’s surprise "Did Dad ever tell you about them? I mean, now that the videos are gone, it’s not like he can show you."

Sam snickered "Do you think Dad watched a webshow to get material for his jokes? Is that where you’re getting at?" Although he laughed, Erin’s copper eyes had gone wide again.

"Dude," said Erin "Dad hosted the Game Grumps."

The smile on Sam’s face immediately ebbed away.

Seeing this, Erin shifted to her knees in one swift motion "Dad never told you that?!" she nearly exclaimed "It’s one of the reasons he wanted to be a comedian! How did he not tell you?"

"He doesn’t talk about his past," said Sam, taking a brief glance at the empty guest bedroom where Arin usually resided "It bothers him."

Before the brunette could open her mouth, her gaze went downcast "Oh…" she said "That probably means he’s never told you about Suzy, right?"

Sam shook his head.

Erin looked back up at her brother to gauge his emotion. Sure, she teased him often, but she didn’t want to make him upset, especially over such a delicate topic "Well, let me at least tell you what things were like before you were born," she said, her tone picking up more optimism "At first, Suzy used to take care of Dani, Marceline and I all on her own."

"All on her own?" Sam quoted "What about Dad, didn’t he take care of you? And what about Marceline and Dani’s fathers?"

Much to Sam’s concern, a look of fear had crossed Erin’s features, her copper brown eyes briefly scoping about her as if she had lost the answer to his question somewhere in the room "They weren’t around."


The brunette seemed to flinch from the simple word "Suzy didn’t want us around other humans. It could have put us in danger."

Sam looked at Erin with a look of minute horror "Even your own fathers?"

"Yeah," quipped the sister.

Sam looked away for a moment, taking the information in. It seemed like a cruel decision. He wondered if the woman who was supposedly his mother really did perform such an action, and if so, what ran through her mind. "So… What happened next?"

As if snapped out of a trance, Erin perked up "Uh, nothing that eventful," she said "Suzy went on the occasional mission, came back home and took care of us. And then after a few years, well, Dad came back and Suzy got pregnant with you."

"Came back? But Erin, why would--" Sam halted his speech, noticing an even stranger detail in his sister’s claim "Erin, I’m twenty-four years old. You’re younger than me," he said "When did this all happen?"

Erin snickered "Oh I’m way older than you, buddy," she said "I didn’t tell you how Fleurs age, did I?"

"You told me that you age differently than humans, yes. But you said you were twenty-three," Sam paused a squinted at his sister "How old are you really?"

"Twenty-three," simply said Erin "In Fleur years."

Almost apprehensively, the ink-haired man then asked "And in human years?"

Sam was nearly floored when the brunette began to tap her chin in thought. He wondered if she was toying with him again. He couldn’t fathom Fleurs’ aging process being that complex.

"You got a calculator?" Erin finally asked, extending her arm.

Sam reached out to the coffee table to hand the orange Fleur his Clover tablet. He watched anxiously as his sister typed numbers into the calculator app, wishing he knew what kind of math she was doing.

Erin looked increasingly frustrated and anxious as she worked the device. Finally, with a stubborn frown and a tilt of the head, she said "I’m not sure I did the math right, but I think I’m, like, forty-eight in human years."

"You’re almost Dad’s age!" Sam jumped from the couch, the question coming out more as a flabbergasted accusation.

"Hey, that’s in human years," argued Erin "I’m a Fleur. So I’m still twenty-three."

Sam ran a pale hand through his hair, absolutely stunned "Does that mean I’m going to age like that?" he was asking himself more than anyone else.

Regardless, Erin shrugged with a casual "I dunno. You’re half-human so it’s pretty much the flip of the coin," before returning back to her relaxed pose to read more of her magazine.

Sam shook his head. He couldn’t imagine being his father’s age yet still having the same youthful body for all those years. He still couldn't believe the young woman beside him was in the same age group as his father.

Suddenly, the friendly jingle of the Telepad pulled the ink-haired man out of his thoughts. When he looked over his shoulder, he caught sight of Dani walking into the room with an object in her hand. It looked like a green marble, but it was the size of a baseball, Sam noted. It was suspended in a midnight blue bubble that somehow, Sam naturally knew belonged to Dani.

"Ugh, you should’ve seen this Weed monster," said the curly-haired Fleur as she approached the two "Marceline looked like she was going to lose her lunch every time she got close to it."

Sam tried hard to imagine the woman with such an expression. It was very difficult for him to do so.

"Ah man, you should’ve taken me with you!" disappointedly said Erin, as if seeing the pink Fleur in such a state was entertaining.

Dani snorted "Tch, don’t get too excited. If Fleurs can’t eat, I doubt we can get sick," she then handed Erin the blue orb "Now take this Bad Seed to the temple."

The brunette obliged and left the house.

Dani’s attention the went to Sam "Hey Sam," she casually greeted as she took a seat in Erin’s loveseat.

The ink-haired man was now strangely aware that he was alone with the blue Fleur "Hi Dani," he greeted with less confidence.

"How’s that weapon coming along?" she asked, curiously picking up Erin’s left behind magazine.

Sam sighed "Not so well," he said "I wanted to practice when Dad was out of the house, but that doesn’t give me much time since he’s almost always here."

Dani lowered the magazine and spared the ink-haired man a perplexed glance "No he isn’t," she said "I’ve never seen him around."

Sam sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck "Actually, he’s here whenever your guys are out on missions," he said "He’s still a little antsy around you guys and "Fleur Magic", as he calls it."

The curly-haired Fleur twisted her lips in an almost offended manner "Even around Erin?"

"Well, he has a soft spot for Erin, of course," said Sam "But even so, this is the first time he’s seen her. I can see that whenever he tries to spend time with her, he’s still a little uncomfortable."

Dani gave Sam a sympathetic look "Well, at least he’s trying to adjust. We’ll give him some wiggle room."

"Thanks," said Sam.

Dani returned to reading her magazine and a comfortable silence settled upon them. Sam wanted to speak up. He didn't like the lack on coversation and certainly wasn't going to just leave to do something more entertaining.

"Dani, how old are you?"

The blue Fleur blinked at the sudden question, but answered "Twenty-two in Fleur years."

"So you’re forty-seven in human years?" the question came out more apprehensive than Sam planned. Dani’s confused frown didn’t help that either.

"I’m ninety-five in human years," Dani's earth brown eyes flitted downwards for a moment, before returning back to Sam "Wait, did Erin try to tell you her age?"

Sam’s eyes widened "How did you know?"

Dani nodded at the abandoned Clover tablet on the coffee table "It looks like she’s been doing some math," she said "Even after almost a century, she still has trouble using some of Earth’s technology."

"But didn’t you spend most of your life on Earth?" asked Sam.

"Well, we were born on Earth. Aside from these missions, this is the only planet we've ever been to," said Dani "We’ve never seen the Fleur Homeworld, but Suzy made sure to raise us in a Fleur lifestyle, or, at least, the best she could do on Earth."

"What do you mean?" asked Sam, curious as to what he would have experienced under his mother’s care.

"She told us stories about her childhood living on the Fleur Homeworld. She talked so much about the neighborhoods and communities, the celebrations and their cultural customs," as Dani explained, a grin crossed her features, seeming to be put at ease rather than holding a hint of unease like Sam had seen in Erin not too long ago "We stayed in the temple and didn’t really get to leave--."

Sam perked up "Wait, did you say the "temple", as in," he jerked his thumb to his left "The one outside?"

"Yeah, of course," Dani chuckled "I don’t see any other temples around here."

"Is that why you were mailed there instead of my house?" questioned Sam.

"I don’t know what was happening while I was in that ring, Sam."

"Oh…" said Sam. He was satisfied that he was starting to get a better understanding on the history that occurred between the Fleurs and his mother "So, if you, Marceline and Erin are older than me, where were you three when I was born?"

Dani glanced again at the magazine, as if trying to dodge the question "We got trapped inside of the rings before you were born," she said "We never got to see you until now."

Sam gasped "You were trapped for over twenty-four years?!"

Dani nodded, still looking at the magazine.

The ink-haired man looked over at the blue Fleur pensively "Dani, how did you all get trapped in--"

"I already said I don't know."

The bitterness in the curly-haired Fleur's tone ran a shiver down Sam's spine. The fact that she never even lifted her head to look up at him when she spoke made it even stranger.

Sam faced forward and acted as though the heated response had never happened. He waited in silence until Erin came back.

"Dani, I had to put that Bad Seed away on the top shelf," the brunette spoke as she walked into the living room "Hope you don't mind."

Putting down the magazine, Dani said "That's okay, Erin. I had a feeling the bubble wouldn't be able to hold it up too well."

Sam was almost taken aback by how warm and kind the blue Fleur's voice was now compared to the sharp edge it held just moments ago. As he looked at the two Fleurs in wonder, Marceline appeared on the Telepad and walked into the living room with everyone else.

"Oh, hi there, Marceline," greeted Dani "Where were you?"

"After you left, I ran into another monster," explained Marceline "I was able to stun it for a while, but I get the feeling it might come back."

Dani practically pounced on the opening "We’ll take care of it. You’ve done enough for today."

"We?" snorted Erin, throwing Dani a dirty side-glare.

"Oh don’t pretend you don’t like the opportunity to kick some ass," Dani said, hooking her arm around Erin’s.

As the brunette allowed herself to be led to the Telepad, she said "I can’t argue with you on that one."

For the third time that day, two Fleurs departed on the Telepad while another sat in the love seat adjacent to Sam. Also for the third time that day, Sam became very much aware of the solitude he and the lone Fleur had.

"How are you today, Sam?" Marceline asked, the proper way she crossed her legs and held her palms in her lap punctuating her speech.

Sam shrugged with a friendly grin "Fine, I guess."

"What’s the matter?"

The ink-haired man went rigid. He knew he didn’t respond in a somber tone, yet the pink Fleur knew that something was wrong with him "How does she know this stuff?" he thought.

"I still can’t summon my weapon," he admitted, choosing not to dwell so much on the mysterious Fleur’s ways.

Marceline nodded understandingly "I wish I could tell you what Suzy’s weapon was," she said "But after so many years trapped in those rings, I can’t recall."

Sam's gaze returned to the coffee table "That’s okay. Erin said the same thing," he said "She said Mom never took you guys on missions with her, so you've never seen her weapon."

"She’s shown us her weapon."

Sam’s head snapped up. He had been avoiding making direct eye contact with Marceline, but the strangely confused tone in the pink Fleur’s voice forced him to look at her.

"I can’t remember what it was because it was so long ago, but Suzy showed us once," continued Marceline, her voice returning back to its unbiased tone "She never wanted us to be involved in combat. Also, we were too young."

"Oh…" again, there was a strange moment of silence before Sam spoke again. These moments were especially awkward with how quiet Marceline was compared to her other comrades "Marceline, you said that you were sent here to protect me," he said "But how could you have known that when you were trapped in those rings?"

"Well of course nobody could have told us. Once we were locked away in those rings, we didn’t have any idea as to what would become of us," said the pink Fleur, her attention drifting towards the discarded magazine "But I just assumed that since we were sent to you, we were meant to be your guardians. After all, you’re half of Suzy. She took care of us and now I think it’s our turn to return the favor."

Sam felt the air practically being sucked out of his body from Marceline’s words. Everything the Fleurs had told him were solely factual, especially from Marceline, but now she was speaking to him from her heart. She told him what she felt, not what she knew was true. All the man could muster was a "Really?"

Marceline gave a single nod and a "Yes." The petite Fleur then looked up from the magazine and gave Sam a brief analytical look "You know, Sam, I’ve told you that we’d be glad to tell you as much about ourselves as you wanted, but I haven’t really heard any questions from you."

Sam suppressed a sigh. He felt it would be a little disrespectful to give Marceline the same answer he had given Erin "Well, my mind’s been pretty preoccupied by these missions," he subconsciously began to rub his sore shoulders "The past few days trying to fight those monsters with just a bat has really worn me out. I just want to learn how to summon my weapon so it can be all over."

Marceline gave a minute sympathetic smile "I understand," she said.

Sam rubbed his thumbs over one another in thought. He wanted to live up to Marceline’s offer and ask her questions, but to his surprise, none came to mind. He knew about his mother. He knew about the Fleurs’ past and their objective. At this point, he could basically say that he knew everything that they did "So, did you run into Nepenthes today?" he ended up asking.

"No," said Marceline "Like Dani said, he isn’t anything to fret over. He’s all show and is anything but a major threat."

"Sorta like your everyday creepy neighbor?"

For a brief moment, Marceline gave him a subtly confused expression, but after that moment, she nodded "Yes, in a sense."

It was then that Sam remembered how sheltered the Fleurs were growing up "They probably don’t even know what it’s like to have neighbors," he thought "Especially if they lived in that temple."

"Marceline, do you think there are things Mom used to keep a secret from you and the Fleurs?" asked Sam. Part of him already knew the answer due to his recent conversations with Dani and Erin, but he felt compelled to get Marceline’s answer as well.

"I know she kept secrets from us," the raven-haired Fleur bluntly stated "But I knew she was only doing that to keep us safe. And for that, all I could do was trust her."

A wave of guilt gripped Sam as he remembered his previous quarrel over the same topic. Even though Marceline’s dark eyes had idly returned to the discarded magazine, Sam still made an effort to avoid eye contact and stare at his pale hands in his lap "I’m sorry," he said "I should have trusted you earlier."

"There’s no need to be sorry, Sam," said Marceline, looking up from the magazine again "You had every right to feel the way you did," the pink Fleur then smiled "You know, Suzy was smart, too. She wasn’t one to blindly follow orders without a proper explanation."

A weak smile stretched across Sam’s lips as rouge dusted over his pale cheeks "You really think I’m smart?" He wanted to chastise himself for the childish question the moment it slithered past his teeth, but it was too late.

"Of course I do," said Marceline "You are Suzy’s son, after all."

In that moment, the Telepad was activated, lowering the volume of Marceline’s last words. Sam, still gazing at the pink Fleur in gratitude, noticed her mature eyes glance over his shoulder and then pop with expression.

In response, Sam turned around, only to gasp.

Dani and Erin stood on the Telepad covered in what appeared to be a bluish substance with the consistency of cream.

Dani, who was again holding what appeared to be another Bad Seed in her hands, wrinkled her nose in disgust "That’s the last time I’m dealing with a blueberry slug."

"Hey, it’s not a total loss," said Erin as she took a long lick of the substance from her hand.

Dani turned around to her partner and was immediately horrified "Erin! Don’t eat that shit!"

The short Fleur only cackled at Dani’s complaints as the front door opened.

"Hey Sam, I’m home!" called out Arin as he swung the door closed behind him in one swift motion "Man, you wouldn’t believe all the--" The grin the father wore on his face drooped into a look of fear as he looked at the four youths in the living room "Uh, I missed some more Fleur stuff while I was gone, didn’t I?"

"You could say that," said Dani.

Erin suddenly grinned wider as she settled her eyes upon her father.

"What are you two covered in? Paint?"

Before Arin’s question could be answered, his daughter eagerly ran up to him "Bear hug!" she announced. The heavy set man cried out as Erin’s arms wrapped around him, coating his shirt in the blue substance.

"Ah! Erin! What the hell?! Is this yogurt?! What are you doing?!"

The shaken man hardly noticed Dani calmly walking up to him "C’mon, Mr. Hanson. It’s just a little bug juice." Her last words came out in a grunt as she clamped herself onto the two relatives.

At this point, Arin’s questioning had given in to hearty laughter.

"You want in on this, too, Marcy?" questioned Erin.

Although laughing, Marceline said "Thanks, but I’m fine," as she stood up "How about you, Sam?" she then said with a hint of sarcasm.

"I think I’ll p--" The young man cried out when Dani’s arms trapped him.

"Too slow!" she said "You gotta answer quicker than that."

In his left ear, he heard Marceline’s laughter escalate, her voice clear and crisp. Looking over, he and Dani could see Erin had used the same tactic to trap the pink Fleur.

"...Living in Mistford, Dad was the only one I could really call family. With the Fleurs here, I wasn’t so lonely anymore…"

Fleur Girls -(4)

Everyone needs a breather and those first three chapters really packed a lot. So here’s a little filler to give new information and recap on what we already know.


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