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Dmitri Paige Jackson
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((I swear I can't stand that username, 14 year old random fangirl phase how you could betray me like that I thought we were friends--))

Name: Dmitri Paige Jackson
Aliases: Demi, Jack, Jacque, Jackiboi, PJ, Prince.
Age: 18
Birthday: Oct. 1st
Western Zodiac: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Jung Personality Type: INFJ
Race: Black
Gender: Genderfluid
Religion: Buddhist
Orientation: Grey-Aromantic & Femmesexual
Occupation: high-school student, aspiring author, part-time artist.
Personality: eccentric, flamboyant, sassy, shy, awkward, analytical, optimistic, imaginative.
Likes: music, food, malls, parties, anime/manga, pop culture, video games, pastel colors, books, babies, cats, biking, rollerskating.
Dislikes: pessimism, dirty work, nature, uptightness, hospitals, politics, police.
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Anime: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Kuroshitsuji, Kill la Kill, Sekirei, Hetalia, Getsumen To Heiki Mina, Love Stage!, Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Cartoons: Steven Universe, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Gravity Falls, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Winx Club (before Nickelodeon), Disney Descendants.

TV Shows: Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious, Wizards of Waverly Place, Scandal, If Loving You Is Wrong, Happy Endings, Ru Paul's Drag Race, Noah's Arc, How to Be A Grown Up, The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Movies: Coraline, Inisidious, The Devil Wears Prada, Rise of the Guardians, Mama, Alice in Wonderland (2012), Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom, anything with Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson in it.

Books: The Great Gatsby, Kindred, Everlost, To Kill a Mockingbird, Goosebumps, Native Son, The Sitter, Niner, Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Slayer, Nancy Drew series, Jim Butcher series.

Manga: Kampfer, Oyasumi Pun-Pun, Doujinshi I mean what.

Games/Visual Novels: Undertale, DRAMAtical Murder, Catherine, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, The Gray Garden, Five Nights at Freddy's, Coraline (Nintendo), Winx Club: Mission Enchantix, Kim Possible, Silent Hill, The Evil Within, Outlast, HetaOni and other Hetalia games.

Female Artists: Tinashe, Nicki Minaj, Natalie La Rose, Tamar Braxton, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Jessie J, Lindsey Stirling, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse, Ke$ha, Ellie Goulding, Sia, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Selena Gomez, Fergie, CL.

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Idols: Criss Angel, Edd Gould, Dr. Phil, Ellen Degeneres, Bill Nye, Steven Hawking, Vsauce, Jeffree Star, Ru Paul, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj.
Hello universe! As many of you have assumed, yes, I have gone back to school. Luckily, I'm proud to say I am currently a senior, meaning I will be graduating this year and turning 18! I'm very much excited about these upcoming events, mostly because it means I'll be one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming an author. Since science and math have always been my strongest subjects, my mother and I have both agreed that I can infuse that in my sci-fi and fantasy stories! Speaking of which, here's the part you've all been waiting for:
  • I will be working on more fanfiction and original stories involving LGBTQ+ and people of color rights.
  • I will be working on more fem!Youtuber stories involving general Let's Players such as Pewdiepie and Smosh, since I've already been focusing on a lot of Dame Grumps stories lately.
  • More art for my stories will be uploaded so you can all have a better understanding of it.
  • I still can't stay on dA for too long without all of the ads crashing my internet. So sorry if I don't see your comments/replies! :c
And now for the special message: As most of you know, unfortunately, dA and other websites that revolve around fandoms are often faced with a negative stigma. Most people like to insult "fangirls" for writing fanfiction and having ships/OTPs, and it's only gotten worse ever since famous internet icons like CinnamonToastKen began berating these "fangirls". Well, I'm here to tell you all something.
You are not just some "fangirl" (hell, I know most of you aren't even girls) you're an artist. You became inspired by what you loved and created something beautiful in your eyes. Just because you're not as skilled of an artist/writer as others doesn't mean you should quit. That's your creative outlet. And do you realize how many people have actually profited and built a career on their fanart/fanfictions? What you're doing is legitimate artist's work! Yes, there are a few creepy older adults on these websites who call themselves "fans" when they're really just fetishists. And yes, it's a shame that people would associate what those guys do with your work. But don't let that get you down. As a mentor of mine once said, have faith in yourself and in your progress. Your dreams are valid!
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"As an avid reader of shoujo manga, I’ve learned one very important rule: if one achieves magical powers, one must prevent pedestrians from knowing at all costs. Apparently, the Fleurs have never read "Fuchsia Magic: Juniper Wright" before…"

"How could you just tell a stranger that you’re Fleurs?!"

Dani subtly flinched from Sam’s exclamation. The young man’s raven hair was still disheveled from his slumber. After he rose from his bed, he immediately stomped downstairs to where the three females resided and presented this question to them. Dani was barely even given the chance to exchange a greeting. Across from her, Erin drank from a soda can, now mildly annoyed. On the end of the kitchen island, Marceline read from a book without making the slightest reaction to Sam’s presence.

"What?" Dani simply asked.

"Yesterday," Sam started "When that guy came into the ice cream parlor, you guys admitted to being Fleurs," he huffed "I can see this from Erin, but you two?!"

Dani awkwardly looked off to the side, unable to think of a reasonable answer "I still don’t see why you’re so fed up about this."

Sam’s jaw dropped in disbelief "Are you serious?! You’re not supposed to tell people about your powers!"

"Hey, hey, hey, bratty attitudes don’t start until after noon," Erin said, her brow knitted in full-on irritation.

Sam glared at the orange Fleur "I’m not being bratty. I’m being responsible, unlike you, Erin! You let your secret identities out."

"Secret identities?" Dani asked, squinting heavily at Sam "What secret identities? Who said anything about that?"

"Exactly, no one did!" scoffed Erin.

"No one should have to," retorted Sam "You’re magical girls. You’re not supposed to let civilians know about our lifestyle or else..."

"Or else what?" Marceline’s voice broke through the debate, looking up at Sam.

At that, the raven-haired man was left silent.

Calmly closing her book, Marceline said "Sam, you saw how easily that blueberry slug entered Mistford. There’s no doubt dozens of people saw it."

Sam bit his lip, afraid to break eye contact with the Asian Fleur.

"There’s also no doubt that that’s not the last time a monster will slip into this galaxy," she continued "Who knows, maybe even Nepenthes will come here and give humans a friendly introduction."

"That’s what I’m saying, Marcy," said Erin "Where's the "secret" in this mess if anyone can see it at anytime?"

"That’s another problem," said Sam, his fire relit "We need to get a better hold of these monsters so people don’t see them."

At that, Dani outright guffawed.

Both embarrassed and irritated, the male’s face reddened "What?" he asked.

Dani shook her head, a grin still on her cheeks as she stated "You are asking for the impossible, Sam," she then questioned "I mean, really? "Get a hold" of these monsters? We can hardly get an accurate reading on what planet they’re on or where on that planet they’re hiding."

Erin then mumbled "If only someone didn’t drop the tracker on the floor…"

"Hey, hey, hey!" Dani spat in defense.

Sam sighed briefly and chided "Guys," in order to get the females back on topic "Whatever the situation is, it’s no excuse for letting people know your identities."

"What is with you and this whole Fleur deal?" questioned Dani "Why don’t you want people to know?"

"Don’t tell me you’re still insecure about the whole Fleurs-Can’t-Be-Dudes thing," murmured Erin, a grin creeping on her face.

"No, it’s not that. It’s, it’s…" Sam fumbled for words, trying to string together his logic to form a reason, but no matter how hard he racked his brain, he couldn’t think of an answer. Why did they need to keep their powers a secret? Why did magical girls in manga keep their powers hidden "It’s not normal, that’s why!"

Before he could get that statement out, however, Marceline filled in the silence "It’s just a fact," she stated "A fact people have to live with. Just like Mr. Hanson being human is a fact, us being Fleurs is, too."

The pale man was dumbfounded, his earlier heat of irritation simmering into an uneasy chill "So, are...are you saying that people--"

"Should know about us? Most definitely," finished Marceline without skipping a beat.

Sam’s crystal blue eyes widened in fear "But Marcel--"

"People are going to have to face reality one way or another. Our Fleur identities fall under that category, too. If we’re going to be protecting this town, the people we’re saving have the right to know what’s going on."

Despite this reasoning, Sam still had a rebuttal "But think of how they’ll react. What if they turn out to be like that guy from yesterday? What if they’re scared of you guys?"

"I never said they had to approve of us," said Marceline "As long as they’re aware of us, that’s all that matters."

"Might as well start calling your friends to tell them the big news," said Erin with a shrug.

"M-My friends?" Sam choked out.

"It only makes sense, Sam," reassured Dani "I mean, your dad already knows. So why not just let the people who are close to you know what’s going on?"

"But there’s no rush," added Marceline "Tell them whenever you’re ready. Take it easy."

Sam bit his lip to prevent himself from saying "Easier said than done."


Arin pulled the pencil from behind his ear, unintentionally taking a few strands of faded auburn hair out of the short ponytail at the base of his neck. He hadn’t even noticed, concentration knitting his brows as he jotted down disorganized notes that only he could read. Even the chirping birds and scuttering squirrels couldn’t pull him out of his thoughts. However, the ironically quiet steps of his son exiting the treehouse did.

"Hey Sam," Arin greeted, turning around and waving to the raven-haired youth.

Sam paused on the wooden staircase and returned the greeting "Good morning, Dad."

"So, what’s on the agenda today?" the middle-aged man asked as Sam continued to walk down the stairs and around the front of the treehouse.

Taking a seat beside Arin on the patio bench, Sam said "I was thinking of stopping by Holland’s cafe."

"Little Holland’s got a cafe now?!" Arin questioned "Damn, it seems like just yesterday, you two were playing tag on the school ground."

Sam smiled slightly "Well, he’s 6’0, therefore not so "Little" anymore."

"Man, how many people can say they’ve kept a friend since kindergarten?" questioned Arin "You’re one lucky guy, Sam."

After running that statement once again over in his mind, Sam was reminded of his previous conversation only moments ago. The smile faded from his features like a ghost.

Arin took immediate notice "Hey," he said "What’s the matter?"

With a sad sigh, Sam breathed "The Fleurs say I should tell Holland and the others"

Arin’s features softened, mouthing a silent "Oh…" as he gave his son a sympathetic look "Well, frankly, I agree with them."

"What?!" Sam’s exclamation left a faint echo in the forest.

However, Arin was unfazed. He simply shrugged and nodded "Yeah, I mean, didn’t you recently just have a battle in The Mall? I’m sure tons of people saw you before they went into hiding. What’s the point in trying to keep something like that a secret?"

"But Dad--"

"Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?" casually interrupted Arin, not sharing the youth’s fear "I mean, Matt’d probably be really excited to hear about this."


"Mr. Patrick."

Sam scratched at the nape of his neck, chewing on his father’s words "Yeah, but Mr. Patrick’s a paranormal fanatic. No one else in Mistford is going to take it as well as him."

"Sam, have you seen this town? Bakeries having to hide their desserts from elves at night is a normal thing around here," snorted Arin.

"But the Fleurs aren’t elves!" blurted out Sam "They’re magical girl...flower-alien-things!"

Now leaned against the back of the patio chair, Arin sighed "Listen kiddo, I don’t exactly have full confidence that people will believe you about all of this. Hell, after the other day, I can’t even deny that some people might even be scared."

As Arin suspected, Sam paled at these words, his thin brows knitting in worry "But hey," Arin continued "You owe it to your friends to tell them the truth. Especially Holland."

A somber look adorned Sam’s features "It’s that last part I’m the most afraid of."


Kevanna and Holland stood beside the counter as the tall woman worked diligently on the cash register.

"So, uh, how long did you say this might take?" asked the redhead. He had been told that the register only had a minor glitch that could be fixed in just minutes. However, the woman had been at the register for nearly an hour, forcing the man to keep his cafe closed.

With regret, the woman said "I’m afraid that it’s much worse than I thought. Apparently, a hacker got into the register and tried to connect it to the overall bank account."

Kevanna gasped as Holland choked out a hush "What…?!"

"Not to worry," the woman said, patting the side of the register "I was able to stop them from progressing. Your bank account’s safe."

Both workers’ figures slacked in relief upon hearing the news, Kevanna giving the male a worried grin.

"However, I will have to replace it," the woman said.

Holland’s eyes jumped a little "Ah, that’s alright. We’ve been using an older model of the cash register when our other one broke," he said, pointing to the clunkier counterpart on the other side of the counter.

The woman gave the device a mildly disgusted look and said "This is from back in the 2010’s. Back then, they didn’t even connect their registers to the internet."

"We’ve been able to manage," kindly stated Holland.

The woman shook her head "This thing is obsolete and nearly a century old! You’ll end up calling us again when this shuts down for good."

Holland tried to hide his disappointment, realizing that he didn’t have a good enough argument to counteract the woman. Even he had to admit that she was right.

The woman smiled "Now I know you’re worried about the price, but there isn’t any need to be. Since you’re already a customer of our services, replacement is free," she said "I must apologize, though. We’ve never experienced two registers breaking down like this at once."

Immediately, Holland’s features softened "It’s alright. It was just the hacker, I'm sure."

"I guarantee it won’t happen again. We’ll install an advanced version of our firewall in," she said with confidence "I warn you, though. This will definitely take a while, probably all day."

"That’s okay," waved off Holland "Demi back there can answer any questions you have."

A distant, but prominent voice from the back of the cafe called out "Wait, what?!"

Before Holland would have to answer, he had already begun leading Kevanna towards the door while making his departing words "Thank you for your services!"

"No problem, darlings! Enjoy your day," replied the woman as the door closed.

Kevanna and Holland were met with the bright rays of the spring sun beaming down on them. Immediately, the darker skinned woman shielded her eyes "Are you sure it was okay to leave Demi back there?"

"Of course, they’ll be fine," reassured Holland "I’m just disappointed that we had to close today, all over a register hack."

Kevanna giggled softly "Try explaining that to Sam."

"Tch, I’m sure he can manage without his breakfast croissant and black coffee for one day," scoffed Holland. Taking a deep breath to refresh himself, Holland then asked "So, do have have any impromptu plans for this sudden off-day?"

Kevanna tapped her chin in thought "Well, I might go to the pool considering the weather’s so nice."

"Heh, I’d ask to join you, but I’m afraid I can’t swim," Holland modestly admitted.

Kevanna shrugged "I could teach you," she said.

Although the female hadn’t noticed, Holland’s eyes lit up instantly.

"Back in highschool, I used to teach a swimming class," Kevanna casually continued "I mean, they were elementary students, sure, but the same rules applied--"

Suddenly, the bronze-skinned woman’s words were washed out by the blissful chime of Holland’s Clove.

A hint of a frown brushed past the gentleman’s face as he checked the notification "Sorry," he muttered quickly as he tapped the screen.

Kevanna reassured the male it was nothing to apologize for as he read the message displayed on his screen.

Sam: Holland, I need you to visit me by the old oak tree. It’s very important. Another friend of mine is going to be there, too.

The redhead had initially planned to brush off the message and return to the conversation, but after seeing the importance laced in his friend’s words, he couldn’t look away.

Noticing the expression on Holland’s face, Kevanna asked "Is everything okay?" before adding "I mean, it’s none of my business. I don’t mean to intrude or anything."

The tall male shook his head "It’s Sam. He wants me to go see him for something. I’m not sure what, though."

"Oh," said Kevanna, taking a steady step back from the male "Well, you go on ahead, then. We can start the swimming lesson another day."

It took a moment for Holland to realize what she was saying.

Kevanna, already turning on her heel, said "I’ll make sure to keep in contact with Demi if there are any updates on the cash register. Tell Sam I said hi!"

"Wait, Kevanna," Holland reached out, which seemed to be enough to stop the bronze girl in her tracks. "Would you like to come along?" the redhead inquired "I’ve been wanting to introduce you and Sam."

Kevanna grinned, as if complimented "You have?" she asked "Well, I would love to meet him, sure!"

Joy nestled into Holland’s chest at that remark. Sure, he wouldn’t be able to spend the alone time he wanted with Kevanna, but he would still be with her nonetheless.


Sam nervously paced back and forth in front of the oak tree. Faint traces of kicked up dirt and grass had already started surfacing on the soft ground. He had considered bringing the Fleurs along with him to help with the exposition, but he continuously hopped between whether that idea was a good one or a bad one. Erin was a bit too blunt for Sam’s liking. Marceline’s ice cold unpredictability concerned him just as much. The only one who seemed level-headed enough was Dani. However, the idea of being alone with Dani until his friends got there made Sam’s face heat up with redness. He wasn’t sure if he could handle himself for that long.

The sound of hurriedly patting footsteps halted Sam from his pensive pacing. Looking up, he saw Mathilda lightly jogging towards him, her apron still on.

An open-mouthed smile spread across her cheeks as she panted during her final steps "I just got off of first shift when I got your message," she said, leaning on her knees to catch her breath.

"You didn’t have to run here," said Sam "There wasn’t any rush."

Standing up straight to stretch, Mathilda said "You said it was important, though."

Sam then understood where the mistranslation was "Oh, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s important, but not because of a time issue."

Raising a confused brow, Mathilda asked "Then what’s the issue?"

"Uhm…" as Sam searched for a proper explanation, the sound of another voice and two pairs of footsteps began to fill the silence left.

Turning around, Sam saw it was Holland. Despite hearing a second set of footsteps, however, the raven-haired man didn’t expect to see Kevanna at his side. A horrid mixture of irritation and disappointment rolled in Sam’s gut as the two came closer.

"I didn’t tell Holland he could bring somebody," the raven-haired man thought bitterly "Especially someone I’ve hardly said two words to."

"Hey, Sam," cheerily greeted Holland with a friendly wave "You’ve decided to bring us all together to have a friendly outing?"

Sam had to bite his tongue to prevent himself from rudely telling the redhead that he knew exactly what this meeting was about. Instead, he swallowed the remark and said "Actually, that’s just what Mathilda was asking. It’s actually something very important," Sam looked up to gauge their reactions for when he said his next statement "I wanted to tell you all, in person, since you’re my closest friends and you have a right to know." In that moment, he accidentally slipped a glance at Kevanna, whose ironic presence made them both share an awkward moment of eye contact.

The sober atmosphere left Sam more room to talk. He was unsure of what to do with all the attention focused on him, but he knew he had to go through with it one way or another.

Swallowing thickly, the young man continued "Yesterday, do you remember the...the slug that went through The Mall?"

Mathilda nervously chuckled "Yeah, I remember."

Kevanna, on the other hand, lightly gasped "I saw it... I had never seen anything like it before," she said in mild discomfort "When I moved into Mistford, I had already heard the urban legends of elves and pixies, but, but that was…"

"Different," finished Holland.

Seeing the estranged look crossed over Holland’s eyes, Sam felt his throat tighten a bit more. He didn’t think it would be this difficult just beading around the bush "Well, there’s more to that," he continued "You see, it has to do with my sisters…"

Mathilda frowned in confusion "Sisters? You told me you only had one sister."

"Huh?" questioned Holland "But Sam has three half-sisters."

As if the tension wasn’t thick enough, now this extra heat started breathing down Sam’s neck. He cursed himself for being unable to keep a consistent lie, now the three young adults were looking to him with more suspicion and less trust than before.

"A-Actually, Mathilda is right," admitted Sam "Erin is my only half-sister."

Hints of a coy expression ghosted under Holland’s features "And who are the other two girls?"

Sam hadn’t even realized that he had begun to sweat until he reached up to his forehead "’re…"

"...Living in a treehouse in such a modest forest is relatively peaceful. To get away from the hustle and bustle of suburban life is exactly what a guy like me is meant for. However, it’s not so quiet all the time. Nature can be just as disruptive as a town…"

Without the slightest bit of a warning, a deer darted through the group of young adults. The close-knit trees and bushes prevented any of them from seeing the animal in advance. The moment the vibration of the deer’s hooves hit the ground, all four leaped out of the way by instinct.

Mathilda, groaning as she picked herself off of the ground she flung herself on, rasped "Was that...was that a deer?"

Wincing a bit in pain, Kevanna look in the direction that the deer had gone "I think so. We might have scared it. This forest seems pretty--" her words were interrupted by a short gasp catching in her throat.

Mathilda turned around, her eyes widening as she caught sight of what the other female gawked at.

Leaning against the big oak tree was a large, transparent golden orb. Inside, Sam rested on top of Holland, as though he had jumped on him to push him out of the way. It didn’t take long for the males to come to, both reacting in the same amount of shock as the women. Inside, Holland and Sam stared wide-eyed at the orb enclosing them, Sam having the most fear in his eyes.

Holland stood up in the orb and pressed his hands against it. Solid. He tried to push harder, but it didn’t give. The redhead began to pound his fists at it once reality hit him that he was trapped.

Sam began to copy his motions, panicking just as much "No, no, no, come on…!"

On the outside, Mathilda and Kevanna tried to find a weak spot to free the two men.

"What is this?!" questioned Mathilda.

With one last pound, Holland said "I have no idea..." still struggling to accept the reality.

"What do we do?" squeaked Kevanna, her brown eyes wide with fear and confusion.

Mathilda paused her actions and looked to the other woman "My dad," she said "He probably has something that could fix this."

"He does?" Kevanna questioned, incredulously.

Mathilda hurried to the bronze girl’s side "I’ll explain on the way," she told her before gripping her hand and guiding them out of the forest.

Holland’s figure deflated as he watched the two women disappear from sight "Well...I guess we play the waiting game." He looked over his shoulder and noticed Sam hadn’t said a word. Instead, he leaned miserably against the side of the orb. Concerned, Holland kneeled down to his level "Sam? Are you alright?" he inquired "I know this is weird, but it’s just an orb. No one got hurt."

Sam turned around to face Holland, but he didn’t reply. He couldn’t find the courage to. Instead, he simply sighed and lied down against the side of the orb in an attempt to get comfortable.

As a result, Holland was unable to speak either. The two sat in silence for a long amount of time, listening to the sounds of nature passing by with time.

An hour had passed when Holland finally spoke up again "What is taking those two so long?"

There was no reply to his question. That was the redhead’s last attempt at getting his friend to speak up.


"You didn’t have to bring her along."

The sudden sound of Sam’s voice made Holland jump to alert. He looked at the man and asked "What?"

"Kevanna," clarified Sam, idly toying with his shirt tail "I never asked you to bring her along."

Feeling insulted by the bluntness of the pale man’s words, Holland said "Well I figured that if you could bring Nathalie, or whatever her name was, it wouldn’t hurt to bring Kevanna."

"Her name is Mathilda and she’s my friend," snapped Sam "I barely even know who Kevanna is."

"Well maybe you would if you gave her a chance," snarked Holland, his tone never breaking from its common demeanor "That’s why I brought her."

At this, Sam outright frowned "You brought her so you had a better chance of dating her."

Holland was a bit taken back by this remark, but said "That’s not true."

"And I told you that this was important," Sam continued as if Holland had never spoken "But no, you were too selfish to leave her behind."

Holland’s grey eyes slanted in anger "Selfish?" he repeated in a heated tone "Is that what you really think of me?"

"Yes, Holland, I do!" scolded Sam "Here I am asking for support and you try to use this as a crutch to get a girlfriend. You have absolutely no idea what kind of hell I’ve been going through, Holland! None!"

"If you just told me, this wouldn’t be a problem!"

"Don’t you think that’s what I brought you out here for?!"

Silence once again.


More hours had passed and Holland’s body had begun to wear from fatigue. He lied face down on the bottom of the orb in an attempt to sneak in a nap. However, before he could slip into a state of slumber, the sound of heavy breathing from the other side of the orb started to reach his ears. Once the male lifted his head, he noticed Sam resting his head in his knees, his figure trembling.

"Sam...Sam…!" Holland carefully crept over to the other man’s side "Sam, take slow breaths. Try to calm down."

"We’re never getting out of here…" the trembling man rasped "Kevanna...Kevanna and Mathilda gave up on us…"

"No, they didn’t. It’s just taking a little more time than we thought," said Holland "They’re doing their best. I know."

Sam dug his fingernails into his raven-black hair "I knew…" he whimpered "I knew this wouldn’t go smoothly. Why did I even trick myself into thinking this would all work out without a hitch?"

"This isn’t your fault, Sam," said Holland "Whatever this orb is, it has nothing to do with you--"

"Yes it does!" exclaimed Sam "It’s all my fault! It’s all because I’m a Fleur!"

"Sam, please, don’t try to talk. Just breathe," said Holland, kneeling in front of the man.

Abruptly, Sam lifted his head and pulled down his shirt collar "See this?" he looked at Holland with tears streaming from his crystal blue eyes "This is what I am; a Fleur. I’m the reason this orb is even here. I know it."

Holland gazed at the lightly shimmering Fleur bud tattooed on Sam’s chest. He wanted to know what it was. He wanted to know what Sam was talking about, but...

"I’m so sorry, Holland," the pale man sobbed "I...I caused so much trouble. I know you’re afraid of me now because I’m this...I’m this thing."

Before Sam could continue, Holland pulled the man into an earnest hug "Listen," he said, lowly "It doesn’t matter to me what you are or what you become. I’ll never be afraid of you. You’re my best friend."

This was everything the pale man did not expect. He sat there, motionless in shock, as the redhead rubbed comforting circles into his back. Every time Sam ran the words through his mind, he could feel his heart tighten with emotion. He wanted to speak out and give Holland the thanks he rightfully deserved, to apologize for the harsh accusations from earlier, but all that came out were quiet sobs.

Holland didn’t have to hear his words. He already knew. He had already forgiven. The redhead simply continued to calm the other man until the tears ceased.

When the last teardrop hit the bottom of the orb and the sobs dissolved into whimpers, both men were surprised to see the orb disperse into gold dust in the wind.


As the afternoon sun settled into the sky, Sam concluded his explanation of the Fleurs’ existence. Holland sat beside him, listening intently and digesting the information with an occasional nod.

"I’m sorry I put you through all of this," said Sam "I don’t really have any control over my powers yet," he then added the next statement with less confidence "And I’m sorry for the way I acted. You’re not selfish, Holland. Not in the slightest."

The redhead calmly said "All is forgiven, man. And besides, you were under a lot of pressure. If I were in your position, I honestly can’t say that I would have handled it as well as you did," he then said in a more serious tone "I should apologize, too. You were right about my intentions with Kevanna. It was really inconsiderate and I could have waited."

"It’s alright, Holland," reassured Sam "She really does seem like a nice girl. I honestly would like to get to know her."

"Glad to hear it."

After a short pause in the conversation, Sam spoke up again "Hey, do you know why I wanted to meet here?"

Holland chuckled "Do you think I have amnesia? Of course I know why."

The two males looked up at the big oak tree that they leaned on. Carved into the old bark was a heart with "SB x HC" carved inside.

"We were dumb kids," said Sam "To see a couple do that to a tree and decide to commemorate our friendship the same way really proves that."

"Your dad didn’t even tell us what we did," laughed Holland "He just kept laughing at us."

"He still does," said Sam "He practically ships us like FedEx."

Holland covered his mouth to catch his loud laughter. Sam eventually joined in as well. The two were so caught up in their laughing fit, that they hardly heard the footsteps until the people responsible stood before them.

In Matt’s hands were what appeared to be a high-tech power drill connected to a battery. His face adorned protective goggles. Behind him, Mathilda and Kevanna struggled to keep up.

"Show me where it is, girls!" Matt demanded "I can’t see too well behind these goggles.

When the women caught up, they were surprised to find Holland and Sam freed from the orb.

"I-It’s gone…!" stammered Mathilda.

The father pulled off his goggles with a befuddled expression.

"What happened?" questioned Kevanna, staring in equal confusion.

Holland snickered "Trust me," he said "You three are in for a long story..."

Fleur Girls- (6)
WARNING: This chapter contains anxiety/panic attacks. If you're triggered by that, please be careful.

Is it bad that I genuinely feel sympathy for Holland because he’s crushing on the aromantic-asexual? Sorry Holland, but I want to respect Kevin’s boundaries.

Speaking of which, now is a good time to bring up that there are going to be numerous implied pairings and one-sided attractions in this story. If you’re reading this on AO3, the couples tagged above are only the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to read between the lines~

Also, Fuschia Magic: Juniper Wright isn’t a real manga. I had to make up one since this is set in the year 2110 and today’s current mahou shoujo manga is probably unheard of to them.

FG Fleur Buds by Prominaj
FG Fleur Buds
From the fem!Grumps fanfiction:…

To surmise the story for those who haven't read it, Fleur Girls is like Steven Universe, but with flowers instead of gemstones. Each Fleur has a marking on her skin called a "fleur bud" like Gems have gemstones embedded in their body. I wouldn't exactly count this as a spoiler, but by looking at the Fleur symbols, you can tell what powers each Fleur has. I left Marceline's out because the design of her Fleur symbols is actually a MAJOR spoiler for upcoming chapters.
JamieSepticEye by Prominaj
"Top of the mornin' to ya, lassies!"

Come on, we all saw that coming.
After Jamie's recent appearance in Attack on Google+, I figured it was high time I actually draw her. If you're familiar with my fem!Youtube AU, then you know that Jamie isn't a direct genderbent of Jack*. For more information on Jamie, check out her bio:… 

**In this future AU, the initial prompt is that a government-funded research group conducted an experiment on asexual reproduction. Because the media got involved, the people asked to participate were celebrities--Youtubers included. DNA was taken from them to create offspring of the opposite sex, but with the same genetic coding, literally creating genderbents.
This AU can take the form of many plots, therefore none of these stories are connected or have a particular order.

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